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Affinity Building Overhaul - Exclusive building sets for each Core and Hybrid

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Galgus, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Galgus

    Galgus Emperor

    Aug 22, 2012
    The basic idea is for each Affinity to have a set of buildings, where every Affinity building cannot coexist with buildings of other affinities in a city.

    The central goal of the overhaul is to increase the asymmetry between Affinities by giving them their own playstyles.

    Every existing affinity building will be changed, generally becoming stronger and more distinct.

    I have some background entries written, but to shorten the post I'm leaving them out of the OP.

    This is something that, thanks to considerable help, I actually intend to mod.

    Unlocking the Buildings

    Affinity buildings are unlocked primarily by affinity level.

    Affinity buildings can not be built in a city that hosts buildings of another affinity.

    Each core and hybrid affinity has a range of higher and lower affinity requirement buildings, with extremely powerful National Wonders being the most expensive.

    Most of these National Wonders must be built in the capital, though a few require a building in each city.

    Currently, I plan on either no tech requirement or very easy tech requirements for affinity buildings to maximize freedom in the tech web.

    I would particularly appreciate your feedback on this part of the design, since there are several ways to handle tech requirements with different pros and cons.

    Of course, tech would still be essential to gaining affinity levels in the first place.

    Affinity Themes


    Purity seeks to preserve both the human form and human cultural heritage, heralding a revival of Old Earth knowledge and philosophy as it builds a utopia for true humans.

    Focused on rewarding Virtue acquisition with a secondary focus in production.

    All but their most basic building grows stronger with more Virtues.

    Monumental Architecture

    Requires Purity level 2

    +3 Culture and +3 Production. +3 Culture and +3 Production from sources of Floatstone, Copper, and Gold. Requires Floatstone.

    Quest - +2 Culture or +2 Production.

    Favor recreation or functionality.

    (A new style of architecture combining the aesthetics of famous Old Earth monuments with modern functionality, requiring an infrastructural investment for construction.)

    Terran Landscaping

    Requires Purity level 3

    +1 Culture and +1 Diplomatic Capital for each Virtue synergy.

    Quest - +4 Culture or +2 Food.

    Choose whether or not to favor edible plants.

    (Basically a Terrascape maintained at the city level, where it is easier to support and helps to create a locally breathable area.)

    Terra Vault

    Requires Purity level 5

    +15% Culture

    +2% of all yields per Virtue synergy.

    Quest unchanged - +5% Culture or +5% Science.


    Requires Purity level 7

    Requires Floatstone

    +15% Production.

    +1 Production for each Virtue synergy.

    Quest unchanged - Global +4 Floatstone or +2 Production from Floatstone.


    Requires Purity level 8

    Requires Floatstone

    +.5 Science and +.5 Energy for each Virtue synergy.

    Quest - +10% Science or +10% Energy.

    Terran Preserve

    Requires Purity level 10

    National Wonder, Must be built in the Capital.

    The cost of adopting new Virtues is reduced by 50%.

    +1 Health for each Virtue synergy.

    +100% Diplomatic Capital in this city.

    (A massive terraforming project to introduce Terran lifeforms to the new planet, and begin a self-sustaining spread of a Terran ecosystem over the native one.)

    Eden Network

    Requires Purity level 12

    National Wonder, must be built in the Capital.

    +1 of all yields in the Capital for each Virtue adopted.

    Internal Trade Routes are 50% more effective.

    (A colony-wide warp gate network connecting all cities to the Capital, turning it into an immense megacity and trade center. Originally created as a test run for the Exodus Gate project.)


    Harmony/ Purity

    Ascendancy seeks to create a perfect race using native and terran genetics, with a focus on beauty and grand aesthetics that leaves the world in awe.

    Focused on Health and Diplomatic Capital generation.

    They gain powerful benefits from high excess Health and much easier and better access to Health Diplomatic Capital generation than any other Affinity.

    This helps them expand sooner, reach high excess health far earlier than is normally possible, and adapt their traits with their high Diplomatic Capital generation.

    They are unique in being the only affinity with three National Wonders, each requiring buildings in all cities.

    Gene Garden

    Requires Harmony 1, Purity 1

    +4 Health, +4 Diplomatic Capital.

    Quest - +2 Science or +2 Health.

    Focus on general genetic research or on improving human health.

    Sky Temple

    Requires Harmony 2, Purity 2

    +4 Culture, +2 Health, +4 Diplomatic Capital.

    +2 Culture and +2 Diplomatic Capital from Floatstone.

    Quest - +2 Diplomatic Capital, or +2 Culture from Floatstone.

    Use floating islands for general purposes or dedicate them as recreational sites.

    (A catch-all term for floating island construction, such buildings are known for and built for their aesthetic appeal primarily with some protection against grounded threats.)

    Gaian Well

    Requires Harmony 4, Purity 4

    +4 Food, +2 Health, +4 Diplomatic Capital.

    Quest - +2 Food or +4 Diplomatic Capital.

    Stockpile or donate excess food.

    Progenitor Garden

    Requires Harmony 5, Purity 5

    +40% Health, +40% Diplomatic Capital.

    +2 Health and +2 Diplomatic Capital from Xenomass.

    Quest - +3 Health or +3 Diplomatic Capital.

    Skyward Steps

    Requires Harmony 6, Purity 6

    National Wonder, requires a Sky Temple in all cities.

    Requires Floatstone

    Earn Culture equal to your excess Health.

    +50 Diplomatic Capital.

    (An interlinked complex of stable Sky Temples hovering beside the city. Built to be the planet's grandest city, and reflect the superiority of its colony.)

    Olympian Fields

    Requires Harmony 7, Purity 7

    National Wonder, requires a Gaian Well in all cities.

    Each city gains a free Olympian Garden, which grants +2 Food, +2 Culture, and +2 Diplomatic Capital.

    +50 Diplomatic Capital.

    (A recreational garden created from native and terran genetics. It resembles both and neither, with each plant engineered to the point of being a distinct new species. The species created for it are quickly adopted in other cities, and are designed to grow easily.)

    Utopia Project

    Requires Harmony 8, Purity 8

    National Wonder, requires a Progenitor Garden in all cities.

    Requires Xenomass

    Benefits of positive health increased by 100%.

    +50 Diplomatic Capital.

    (An Ascendant project to create a new ecosystem to perfect suit their aesthetic and productive desires. The pinnacle of playing God with the environment.)


    Harmony seeks to adapt to the new planet, to learn from it, and to preserve it. It sees the new world is a precious second chance, and thrives in a symbiotic relationship with it.

    Focused on using native biological resources, as well as some extremely powerful growth bonuses.

    Xenofuel Plant

    Requires Harmony level 2

    +4 Energy. +4 Energy from Algae, Plankton, Petroleum, and Xenomass.

    Quest - +4 base Energy or +3 Science from Xenomass.


    Requires Harmony level 3

    +4 Food. +3 Food from Fungus, Fruit, Tubers, and Xenomass. +3 Production from Fiber.

    Quest unchanged - One time energy boost or one time +1 population in all cities.

    Xeno Sanctuary

    Requires Harmony level 5

    +3 Culture and +3 Science. +2 Culture and +2 Science from Chitin, Chelonia, Coral, Eggs, Reefs, Forests, and Alien Nests. Requires Xenomass.

    Quest unchanged - +2 Culture or +2 Food.

    Bionics Lab

    Requires Harmony level 7

    +20% Health. +4 Production and +4 Science from Resilin, Chitin, and Chelonia.

    Quest - +4 Science or +4 Production.


    Requires Harmony level 8

    Requires Xenomass

    +6 food, +3 health.

    Quest unchanged - +10% food or +10% health.

    Miasma Bloom

    Requires Xenomass

    Requires Harmony level 10

    National Wonder, must be built in the Capital.

    +1 Food to all tiles with Miasma.

    +2 Food to Forests.

    (New crop that thrives in Miasma.)

    Harmonic Genome

    Requires Harmony level 12

    National Wonder, must be built in the Capital

    +10 Health

    Your cities grow 40% faster.

    (A perfected splicing of human and alien DNA for adaptation.)


    Supremacy / Harmony

    Voracity seeks knowledge and power from all sources, untethered from any hesitance to alter humanity and the grand goals of other affinities.

    Focused on strategic resources and specialization.

    Voracity is a very resource-hungry Affinity, with all but two buildings requiring strategic resources.

    It takes more interest in neutral strategic resources than other affinities, though it has little use for Floatstone.

    In return though, the affinity has easy access to high levels of science and percent yield multipliers on it's powerful buildings.


    Requires Supremacy 1, Harmony 1

    +4 Production from Titanium, Oil, and Geothermal resources. Must have a relevant resource nearby.

    Quest - +3 Energy and no maintenance or +2 Production.


    Requires Supremacy 2, Harmony 2

    Requires Petroleum

    +3 Energy and +3 Science. +2 Energy and +2 Science from Coral and Chitin.

    +25% Energy.

    Quest - +3 Energy or +3 Culture.

    Microbial Mine

    Requires Supremacy 4, Harmony 4

    Requires Geothermal

    +5 Production and +5 Science.

    +25% Production.

    Quest - +3 Production or +3 Science.

    Bioglass Furnace

    Requires Supremacy 6, Harmony 6

    Requires Firaxite

    +4 Health, +4 Science.

    +25% Health.

    Quest unchanged - +2 Science from Firaxite or +4 Firaxite.

    Bioengineering Lab

    Requires Supremacy 7, Harmony 7

    Requires Xenomass

    +6 Science.

    +25% Science.

    Quest - +2 science or +2 health.


    Organ Printer

    Requires Supremacy 8, Harmony 8

    Requires Titanium

    +3 Science and +5 Food.

    +25% Food.

    Quest - +2 food or +2 science.

    (They do interesting things to their organs.)

    Molecular Forge

    Requires Supremacy 9, Harmony 9

    National Wonder, can only be built in the Capital.

    +5 Energy, Health, Science, Production, and Food.

    Grants 3 of each resource.

    (Fabricating and refining resources.)


    Supremacy seeks to escape the weaknesses of an organic existence, to thrive regardless of it's environment.

    Focused on Specialists and, eventually, a drift away from dedicated food tiles.

    For late-game Supremacy cities, the tiles around them is secondary to the infrastructure within them.

    Recommended to be played alongside a mod making specialists useful.

    Feedsite Hub

    Requires Supremacy 2

    Provides an Artist and a Scientist specialist slot.

    Quest - +2 Energy or +2 Diplomatic Capital.

    (Choose whether or not to allow Feedsite ads. It is now a mind-interface internet thing that facilitates entertainment, news, and communication between experts in varying fields. Not a propaganda mill anymore. Work from home was never easier.)

    Optical Surgery

    Requires Supremacy level 3

    +4 Health and +1 Health from Silica.

    Provides an Artist and a Trader specialist slot.

    Quest unchanged - +2 Science or +1 unit sight. (global)


    Requires Supremacy level 5

    +2 of all Yields.

    Quest - +10% Health or +5% of every yield.

    Surrogate Factory

    Requires Supremacy 7

    +3 Food and +3 Production.

    Provides a Grower and an Engineer specialist slot.

    Quest - +2 Food or +2 Production.

    People either uploading or entering in a sleep state to live through drones. Saves food in a sense.

    CEL Cradle

    Requires Supremacy 8

    Requires Firaxite

    Provides two of each Specialist type. Expensive to build.

    Quest - +4 Energy or +2 Science.

    (Now used to find creative solutions among experts as well as appreciate and create art in a subhuman-mindsharing way. The old quest was too...evil in my opinion.)


    Requires Supremacy 10

    Requires Firaxite

    National Wonder, requiring an Augmentary in every city.

    +1 Food and +1 Health to Specialists, making their slots much easier to fill.

    +4 Science from all Firaxite sources.

    (Now a center of transhumanist augmentations research.)


    Requires Supremacy 12

    National Wonder, can only be built in the Capital.

    +1 Food to Generators, Mines, Manufactories, Nodes, and Arrays.

    (Basically meant to encourage Supremacists to replace everything with industry tile-wise. Eventually Supremacy stops bothering with dedicated Food tiles. Lore-wise, think of it as the beginning of a truly uploaded society in a simulated world.)


    Purity / Supremacy

    Mastery seeks to create an age of unprecedented leisure and prosperity by creating sentient, but limited AIs to serve humanity.

    They have an obsession with making the AIs that work most directly with humans as human-like as possible, often complete with human limitations.

    Focused on Energy generation and Drone buildings which are extremely expensive, but allow them to work extra tiles.

    Mastery absorbs the Drone Command artifact bonus building: replacement suggestions are welcome.

    Drone Command

    Requires Purity 1, Supremacy 1

    Work 2 more tiles than a city has Citizens. High cost.

    Quest - +50 city hp or +2 Energy and no maintenance cost.

    Connect Drones to the defense network or fully dedicate them to commercial use.

    Sanctuary Dome

    Requires Purity 2, Supremacy 2

    +10 Energy.

    +100 City HP.

    Quest - +20 City Strength or +3 Energy.

    A safe haven with a self-sufficient power source which works for the colony in times of peace.

    Skybarge Port

    Requires Purity 4, Supremacy 4

    +4 Energy. +20% Energy.

    +5 Energy from international and station Trade Routes.

    (If codable, connects the city to the Capital.)

    Quest - +2 Energy or +2 Diplomatic Capital.

    Choose whether or not to divert Skybarges to humanitarian support efforts. Think of this building as a hub of flying trade vessels, which are largely automated in navigation.

    Replicant Facility

    Requires Purity 6, Supremacy 6

    Requires Firaxite

    Work 3 more tiles than a city has Citizens. High cost.

    Quest - +2 Culture or +2 Energy.

    Treat the human-like Replicants as full citizens or as second-class servants.

    LEV Plant

    Requires Purity 7, Supremacy 7

    Requires Floatstone

    +5 Energy. +30% Energy.

    +7 Energy from international and station Trade Routes.

    Quest unchanged - +2 Production or +2 Energy and free maintenance.

    Skybarge Factory

    Requires Purity 8, Supremacy 8

    National Wonder, requires a Skybarge Port in all cities.

    +50% Energy from City Connections.

    +10 Energy from Firaxite and +10 Energy from Floatstone. (locally)

    A larger, more efficient construction facility for faster, more efficient trade vessels.

    Orbital Mining Station

    Requires Purity 9, Supremacy 9

    National Wonder, can only be built in the Capital.

    +30% Energy generation in all cities. +100% Production when building orbital units in this city.

    Automated spaceships harvest resources from beyond the planet with minimal effort on the part of the populace.

    Feedback Wanted

    I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions on this overhaul.

    With the level of asymmetry in it, it can be difficult to judge the design of each individual part, and I'd like to hear any more thematic concerns as well.

    I'd simply prefer to have a plan of what to do before I start modding.

    Special thanks to DefiantMars for feedback as I was designing this.

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