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Age of Imperialism Mod install questions

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Macintosh' started by SGT_Rob, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. SGT_Rob

    SGT_Rob Chieftain

    Apr 5, 2012
    This isn't a full fix by any means, as I'm only about 1/5 through my first game. Buuut there are a lot of files/file paths that don't work and since I'm doing this by trial and error I thought I would post the files that are missing THUS FAR and hopefully save someone else the time.

    My approach was to copy the Art\Units file out of Civ3C onto my desktop (it's still there for now) so that I could avoid going back and forth copying/pasting. With these files in place, I've never had a repeat issue (NOTE: in many cases I have simply copied the rest of the .wav files for a unit and placed them in the deficient folder as a precaution, if you don't do so as well I can't guarantee you won't run into a few more problems!)

    All entries begin "Art\Units\" of course.

    British Indian Inf. WWI\..\InfantryDeath.flc (!!!Important, copy the whole Infantry folder from Civ3 and place it in the Units file (Art\Units) of the scenario!!!)
    Field Cannon\CannonAttackExplosion.wav
    Colonial Sentry\RiflemanRunFoot.wav
    Colonial Sentry\RiflemanattackBlast.wav
    Hisp Rifleman\RiflemanFoot1.wav
    Mt Gun\CavalryRunHooves.wav
    Filipino Rifle\RiflemanRunFoot1.wav

    As I said, that is what I have thus far. If this isn't the right place, then move my post, I'm about as forum savvy as I am computer literate.
  2. Acronym

    Acronym Warlord

    Jun 17, 2012
    Thanks for the tips, everyone :D - and especially SGT_Rob. I downloaded Age of Imperialism Deluxe and ran into the same problem - of lots of missing files - that didn't seem to be fixed with the generic suggestions above (although they make a lot of sense).

    A lot of the missing files are indeed in the Applications/Civ III Complete/Civilization 3 Game Data/Art/Units/ folder, but unfortunately as a lot of the units' names have been changed in AoI, it isn't sufficient just to copy and paste the whole of the Civ III Units folder into a top level /Art/ folder or even the AoI Units folder (not overwriting any existing files), because it still won't find the individual files until they're put in the correct AoI folders.

    I thought at first that I must have downloaded an old/dud copy of the AoI mod, but I've downloaded it several times now, from the link in the first post of El_Justo's thread for AoI, and come across the same missing files as you, SGT_Rob. I haven't been through all 300-odd pages of that thread to see if anyone has had the same problem, but it seems strange that it isn't well-known, because it seems to prevent the AoI mod working at all until it's fixed, and I can't see why it wouldn't be a problem on Windows either.

    However, if it's worked for you, I'll try copying just the files that you've listed above across into the AoI folders, and give it a go.

    Another, related, question - I originally was trying to download the mod so as to possibly volunteer to join the latest AoI Play-By-Email game. However, I think they are playing with the 'No Raze' patch, which is apparently highly recommend for AoI. However, it's a .exe file, and one that is meant to replace the original Civilization 3 Complete app itself, I believe - so I'm not sure its as simple as just expanding it using Stuffit Expander. So, question is - has anyone managed to install the No Raze patch on a Mac?

    EDIT: Sorry, I just realised this was a separate thread to the 'Mac Mod Installation Solutions' sticky, so might seem a bit strange to be addressed to 'everyone'. But the 'generic solutions above' refer to that thread - which I'm sure may work with other mods, just sadly not with this one!

    EDIT #2: Found another file that didn't seem to be on SGT_Rob's list. I'll add any more I come across below:
    • Hisp Rifleman\RiflemanAttackBlast.wav

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