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Automating setlers


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Jan 7, 2002
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When automating settlers, is there anyway of setting an order of how things are done and what things are done. ie clean pollution first, don't mine grassland, etc. I ask this because I thought they where meant to clean pollution first. When I automated one last night, it started mining over my irrigation, which I didn't want.
Shift+A to set a worker to auto w/o changing existing improvements.

See the civilopedia under game concepts: hotkeys for more.

I think you're referring to Workers, not Settlers. In any case, I don't think you can set the order in which things are done. However, you can have different Workers automated to take care of different things.

Attached is a list of your control options as Hotkey instructions, some of which are not obvious amongst the options you see on-screen.

(I posted this once before, but this edition has a couple more keystrokes for manipulating the production queue that I wasn't aware of before).



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