Nov 8, 2003
Hey all, got another quick question. I made a custom unit, which is basically a land version of the privateer (foot unit with hidden nationality). I use them to keep the AI out of my territory. I'm tired of them always trying to squeeze in on my territory, so I pic off thier settlers and escorts as they get deep within my territory with the bandits. Miracously, the AI does not learn and they keep sending more settlers ( I have quite a stock pile of captured workers now :D ).

My question is, does the AI *know* that it is me controling the bandits? Does it hurt my reputation when it comes to some things like diplomacy and trading? I noticed they are all pretty much always angry, but I am playing on most aggressive level.

Thanks for any input
I haven't been able to get the AI to build them, but then again, I usually don't travel within their borders unless its war.

Its kinda of a rough fix to the irritating territory intrusion. Its annoying to keep selecting their units, do the diplomacy thing, and waiting three turns for them to forcefully get out or declare war. Trying to play as a peaceful nation and maintain your borders is close to impossible.

Besides I kinda think having a "badlands" in ancient and pre-industrial times is kinda realistic. Post industrial and modern times, they are replaced with "thugs", which are just like modern gang members.

I've used them now in a few games, and they seem to anger the AI, but they are still willing to make deals later on. So I guess its kinda working.

The problem would be eliminated if they just left my territory the first time I tell them to.

Thanks for the feed back.
I have thought of creating that kind of unit for that tasks before, but I quickly thought and realized how unrealistic that would be in the real world. First, while you could hide the nationality of a ship (it's just a ship), you can't hide the nationality of a soldier. Let's face it, if you saw a Japeness you would see it's a Japeness (or a Zulu, or an Iroquois...)

Here are some stuff that doesn't make it fit in the game:

1) I get into your territory and I get killed by an unamed unit... that was *your* territory so it must be *your* unit.

2) What if I started to produce a lot of them and sent them to your territory, so I destroyed you without you knowing that was me?

From my experience it seems that AI isn't done correctly for Priveteers. I do some of them from time to time, and of course they are destroyed as soon as seen by others, being friend or ennemy (which is ok, since they don't know it's you). But I have never ever seen a Priveteer from a computer player, which makes me think the AI has no idea how to use them.

I think those Settlers going through your territory to find a new spot is part of the game. Either you tolerate them or kill them, it's up to you to decide depending of the situation. After all, don't you do that either?

I had the idea of making the Explorer unamed so that the AI wouldn't complain about him exploring his territory... but thinking about it they don't complaint about Priveteers but on the other hand they are not kind with them :p In the end the AI might complain once, but it will never force it out since it's unarmed. And at the speed they are walking I put 100 golds on the table they can't catch 'hem :p
Originally posted by Tom|420
put 100 golds on the table they can't catch 'hem :p

i'll take that 100 gold if it ends it's turns near a railroad connected to a city
I see your points and they are valid. I have the units at 1/1/1 and they are unable to capture, so taking over a civ is really out of the question with this unit.

If they did come into my terriroty ( being the AI would use them), a cav unit has the ability to wipe them up no problem.... Or if I have no horses, midevil Inf does wonders. I lost a few MAs to midevil Inf on my last game.....

Be it as it may, if a travelier gets mugged in a foriegn country, they usually don't declare war in real life. I have known people that have gotten mugged in RL foreing cities...

Bottom line is, its a house cleaning unit for me. It not a strong unit, its not hidden/invisible, just hidden nationality. And, no I usually do not pass my settlers through other AI's territory.
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