Bethesda has released new Starfield gameplay trailer & deep dive videos


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Sep 24, 2016
Thought we already had a Starfield thread but apparently not lol so I figured I'd make one. Anyone else looking forward to this one?

Last year we got the first Starfield gameplay trailer from Elder Scrolls and (later) Fallout series creators Bethesda and now as their huge new space exploration game with over 1000 worlds nears release we’ve been given some much bigger gameplay trailers to drool over! As expected the gameplay trailer footage is very impressive but they’ve also done a big deep dive tour and presentation video showing even more gameplay footage. You can tell they’ve learned a lot of things to do and not to do from similar games like Star Citizen (who are STILL nowhere near release lol), No Mans Sky and Elite Dangerous over the last decade.

The space combat reminds me of Freelancer, while the solar system and orbital planet mineral scanning stuff totally reminds me of the good old 80s Starflight series (which Tod Howard revealed was an influence in an interview), the character skills/perks/attributes of course have the usual Elder Scrolls and Fallout style systems, and there’s a truck load of Fallout 4 style weapon crafting and base building too. As usual there’s a pretty epic physical collectors edition with a custom NasaPunk Starfield xbox controller & headset, a storage case and wrist watch from your in-game spaceship, and that physical watch will naturally connect to the game too (similar to the real world PipBoy they did for Fallout 4). All very impressive! God knows when I’ll get to playing all this stuff though haha!

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