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Aug 26, 2005
In preparing for a mod I've planned, I was 'practicing' modding on the Napoleon scenario. Everything seemed OK, until suddenly, Britain started getting random cavalry units, like Sipahis and Cuirassers placed in their cities. I purge the odd units, and check around. Everything's looking good, and I start playtesting it. All's well until... I notice that the British are randomly spawning Sipahis. And that's not all. They're spawning in the sea! I go back to the editor, but I can't find anything. What's going on?!
are you sure to didnt mis reference graphic files? the unit some type of ship with the worng graphic? at any rate I dont know why they would "spawn" at all, please xplain where they are produced, how is a unit "spawned" inm the sea??? Sounds like a bigger glitch than the editor is capable of...
Nope, they're Sipahis. They seem to appear randomly when British ships leave squares.
No, I checked that too. I'm going to play as Britain and see if it happens again, and if does, maybe I can find out what's happening.

EDIT: Great. Now, when I look at the editor again, it seems to be replacing Prussia's cuirassers with Grand Batteries. Sheesh, what's going on with my editor?!

I only modded the MP version, so I looked back and checked the original, and it seems that the editor's replacing certain starting units with different ones. So far, here's what I've seen.

Man-O-War => Sipahi
Household Cavalry => Cuirasser

Cuirasser => Grand Battery

Voltiguer => Redcoat
Imperial Cavalry => Household Cavalry

Hussar => Carrack

Cossack => Ship of the Line

I'm looking for more, and I'll update when I've checked everything.

Update 1: Portugal, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain checked, no bugs.
Update 2: Seems to only effect UUs. Working on changing them.

Alright, checked every city. It appears that the UUs were being changed to the unit below them. For whatever reason. I also found the privateer's enslave unset. Maybe it was enslaving to Sipahis? I don't know. I'll playtest it later, hopefully it'll work.
How many units are in your mod? I had a similar problem a few years ago when trying to build an uber mod (Optimator). Once I hit several hundred units, I suddenly had cavalry running through the ocean and squid swimming through the desert. This was pre-Conquests. Never solved the problem, and in fact that (and the 1.5 GB mod size) is one of the main reasons I stopped development on it. Haven't seen it since, and assumed it was a bug that was later fixed, but maybe not. I am interested in seeing what you find.
Sieg said:
Update 2: Seems to only effect UUs. Working on changing them.

Alright, checked every city. It appears that the UUs were being changed to the unit below them. For whatever reason.
At a wild guess, may you have disabled UUs in the scenario properties tab?
WeaselOp & Amesjustin: Yes, I did. Since I was working on the MP version, none of the minor coalition members, such as Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and Naples were active. I changed that, but as a response, some of the British and French UUs were in areas they shouldn't be. So I deleted them, and replaced them with the correct unit.

The Last Conformist: No, I didn't. UUs still work.

Haven't been able to playtest, been busy. Might have to hold off.
Well, as stated earlier, this was only for practice. I had no plans on releasing it or anything, so I'm not going to bother. Just start work on my mod, WWII: Liberation of France. Good thing I practiced now and found out what to do, instead of later and having to start work all over again, which would have been a pain in the @$$.
Yes I have lost 2 major projects due to experimentation. I keep Phoenix around on my box to try out new ideas for my "live" projects.
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