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[Bug]Constant breaks

Discussion in 'Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn' started by Wesley balestrini, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Wesley balestrini

    Wesley balestrini Chieftain

    Jun 13, 2017
    I am playing for the first time (huge map, normal speed, world map, since the old era) and occasionally the game closes without generating error message. Windows also does not inform me that "the application stopped working", simply close.

    At first, there was a lot (in less than 10 shifts). I deactivated the option of "following the enemy" and apparently solved the problem (there are some barbarians in the lands of other civilizations and my camera was following them whenever I passed the turn).

    Even without this option, the game continues to close (I have not yet identified a shift amount). And the strangest - for me - without generating error message.

    Is there any place where error log is stored? How can I identify what is causing this (if it is the game or my pc)?

    NOTE: Even though it takes time for this to occur, the damage can be very large; Since I lose many actions since my autosave.
  2. 45°38'N-13°47'E

    45°38'N-13°47'E Chieftain

    Jun 7, 2008
    Just wonder...
    Sorry for the late answer, check if a minidump.dmp file is being generated in the same folder where your BTS exe file is located. If it is, I need a save or an autosave possibly the turn before your crash. I might check when I have some time if the crash is repeatable.

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