Bug - swapped civilizations


Jul 18, 2022
I recently encountered a strange bug.
Well, I couldn't finish the game because the game thought civilization wasn't destroyed yet.

1.43.55 - I attack last city of Russians
1.46.08 - Russians civilization is destroyed by Barbarians
1.46.17 Romens civilization is Reborn in THIS SAME PLACE that Russian civilization is destroying as... Russiano-Romans.
1.55.00 I destroy Romans civilization (kill his only one settler) but game only cancel peace treaty with Romans.
In "Inteligence report" Romans still listed as a faction which exists and still plays.
I must to create a Roman city in Jcived @darkpanda to be able to destroy it in the game and end it.
Maybe if i wait a little bit for establish city by Romans and destroy city bug would be not appear.

I think this bug has been reported before and is known to veteran players.
If I remember correctly, you can't let Barbarians eliminate a civilization or this will happen.
I suggest you look for it in this forum.
It was partially fixed in v03 and later. After last NONE settler is defeated, next turn game shows "<> civilization destroyed by Barbarians!" It's still not you who destroyed it, but at least it's possible to end the game.
Tupi talk about version 475.3, yours is earlier.
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You got me curious so i checked:
I always thinking it is numbering versions is following: 474.1-5 and latest is 475.1 but this is not true.
474.1 and 475.1 is the same :-/
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