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Can someone help

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by cobains disease, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. cobains disease

    cobains disease Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2006
    im trying to add a new type of forest titling it hardwood forest. i edited the improvements, terrain, and art defines files but when i load the game i cant see my new forest, can someone tell me what im doing wrong? oh and im using the same art file for the forest.
  2. ollj

    ollj Warlord

    Nov 21, 2006
    New stuf is not in the older mapscripts, its not placed in the maps by it.
    controll+F6 for the world builder. Or manually edit a mapfile in the texteditor.

    Researching and writing detailed infos because I want to do something similar soon:
    Trees are their own type, "Feature", that seems to mix with anything if that does not remove it (like cities and most upgrades remove forest), just like the "polar ice" and "flood plains":
    They ignore the terrain displacement heightmap (go trough hills and mountains instead of beong placed ON them).
    Some checks make it impossible to place them in water, on cities and on mountains.

    The 3d models (not the textures) are in:
    Each has 15 different graphics like treeevergreen**_1 from 01-1 to 15-1.
    The /IcePack models show the 15 possible combinations to place trees in 1-4 of the 4 corners.

    The models adress their textures from:

    (the models are NOT in
    Art/Terrain/Features/TreeEvergreen/EvergreenC.nif ...
    as adressed (for some werid reasons) in
    assets/xml/Terrain/CIV4SymbolMeshPaths.xml )

    - sets typepes "forest" (all 3 types) "jungle" "oasis" "flood plains" "ice" to
    - sets TXT_ description and a civpedia name and the artdefine tag
    - sets simple ingame effect and ability values.
    - sets symbol paths to:
    - sets button paths
    - sets sounds, footsteps and the "birds leaving on entering" effect.

    Treevergreen appears in no other files in civ4.
    "Feature_Forest" a "group" of the 3 forests (that function identically) and excluding "jungle" with behaves differently.
    also appears in ...

    in assets/xml/art/ArtDefines_Feature.xml
    where it gets some basic appearance values such as zoom...

    in assets/gameinfo/CIV4CivicInfos.xml under CIVIC_ENVIRONMENTALISM

    in assets/xml/Terrain/CIV4BonusInfos.xml
    where it describes in the column "Beaturebooleans" or "Terrainfearutebooleans" if a bonus appears in the feature "forest"

    in assets/xml/Terrain/CIV4FeatureInfos.xml
    (see above. repeating self for alphabetical order of folders)

    in assets/xml/terrain/CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml
    where it somehoe sets what improvements can be build on "forest"...

    in assets/xml/text/CIV4GameTextInfos.xml AND
    in assets/xml/text/CIV4GameTextInfos_Objects with translations for the TXT_ name

    in assets/xml/text/CIV4GameText_Civilopedia_Concepts.xml
    as a civilopedia hotlink (many times)

    in assets/xml/units/CIV4BuildInfos.xml
    in the line of an upgrade if it removes the forest when it is build in one.

    in assets/xml/units/CIV4PromotionInfos.txt
    for the forst bonus promotion.

    in assets/xml/units/CIV4UnitInfos.txt in Bear Panter Wold (but not lion) in the featurenatives collumn (setting their spawn?)

    in assets/xml/art/CIV4ArtDefines_Feature all 6 features get their defines, animations, scaling and buttons.

    FEATURE_FOREST appears on no other files in civ4/assets (no mods or warlords).

    many typos, now tired....

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