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  • Hi Leoreth, seems to be fixed with 16.3 a bug the last turns, year 1999 crashes after pop up windows errors displayed in the code. It happened with manys civs different years in the 21st century turns.
    And I have a proposal, is there a way to extend the end date beyond 2020? maybe to 2100 with more new technologies?
    Thanks friend, I'm a big fan about your game guys!
    Could you please give me the new map so that I can add cities for the Balkan peninsula and Eastern Europe.
    Or at least direct me to the download link.
    P.S. I won't be able to do cities for Ukraine and Russia because I never visited those places.
    I am writing the monologues but I don't know how to put them into a code so that the boxes would actually appear at the end of the screen. I am honestly not sure if I could make the code by myself but I would appreciate some advice on how to go about it.
    Hello Loreth, thank you for responding to my Civilopedia related questions.

    I also wanted about the possible ending victory Monologues an idea brought about a couple of years ago.
    Hi there, i know your not suppose to use alternative accounts when posting but i'm struggling to find my old account, could you please help me get back in..........again.
    Any chance you could re-upload the Varietas Delectat 9.2 for Rhye's and Fall file? I remember really enjoying it in the past but the download link is dead.
    Would fanfiction recommendations go into the pre existing literature thread in OT, or can I make a new thread for fanfiction specifically?
    Hi Leo sorry to bother you this, could you help show me link to download Git's version of DoC? Thanks.
    Anime does love its androgynous characters!

    (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
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