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Last Activity:
Jan 19, 2018 at 5:43 AM
Aug 23, 2009
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Land of Heat and Clockwork

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Knight of Time, Male, from Land of Heat and Clockwork

Leoreth was last seen:
Jan 19, 2018 at 5:43 AM
    1. kerrigan1603
      Never mind, i got back in.
    2. Kegges
      Hi there, i know your not suppose to use alternative accounts when posting but i'm struggling to find my old account, could you please help me get back in..........again.
    3. kravixon
      Any chance you could re-upload the Varietas Delectat 9.2 for Rhye's and Fall file? I remember really enjoying it in the past but the download link is dead.
    4. jackelgull
      Would fanfiction recommendations go into the pre existing literature thread in OT, or can I make a new thread for fanfiction specifically?
    5. Nyayr

      I discovered the cause of the bug it is a change in the RFCutils line of location. Replacing the new with the few lines solves it, it has to do with location of a new birth civilization inside another civilization.
    6. BenZL43
      Thank you~
    7. BenZL43
      Hi Leo sorry to bother you this, could you help show me link to download Git's version of DoC? Thanks.
    8. heroicfort
      hi Leoreth,
      i was wondering if it's possible to change the title of my thread

      " [UNIT] Heroicfort's (that's me :) ) Unit Thread "


      " [UNIT] Heroicfort's Unit Thread "

      The link is http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=563631

      Thanks in advance,
      heroicfort :)
    9. Arakhor
      Anime does love its androgynous characters!

      (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
    10. Arakhor
      Your new avatar of the white-haired girl is pretty cool. :)
    11. gilgames
    12. caketastydelish
    13. Mouthwash
      I have no idea what this condition is. Seriously, Google just turns up infant skull deformities and flat-head syndrome. It's possible I'll need extensive surgery, or just non-invasive corrections. Either way, I doubt I can simply live with it (puts me at risk of stroke for sure).
    14. Mouthwash
      Update on eye problem: the decongestants were confirmation bias, it wasn't my sinuses. As it turns out, the entire right half of my skull is shifted backwards by about a centimeter- the eye is actually the only thing in the right place. Getting a CT scan on Monday.

      So.. probably not good news, but at least I don't have cancer!
    15. ales_
      Can you please remove the link to "The Great Doc UHV v 1.12 challenge" and add a link to "The Great Doc UHV v 1.13 challenge" in the "Forum Thread Index" thread?
    16. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      "Current Activity: Viewing Thread Why have Communist Countries Killled so Many of their own Citizens?"

      I knew it! The capitalist propagandists have gotten in your head!
    17. jackelgull
      Could you remove the RD status from my thread Discussion of Manga? I placed it there expecting a reaction that never materialized, but it seems that the thread is not a magnet for the type of flaming I thought I would get, and therefore does not deserve RD status.
      Here's the link in case you decide to remove RD status. Thank you for taking the time.
    18. Mouthwash
      The bulging is a bit better after taking decongestants, so it was likely a sinus problem. I'm doing OK.
    19. Mouthwash
      Senior mod now? Maybe more time has passed than I thought, but you'll be running the site in few years at that pace.
    20. ales_
      Is it me or your username is lighter than it was?
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    Land of Heat and Clockwork
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    • Warlords Expansion
    • Beyond the Sword Expansion
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    • Civilization II
    • Test of Time
    Civ1 Versions:
    • Civ Win
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    • Original (1994)


    TG: its like they heard somebody over here was handing out asses and theyve known nothing but years of bitter ass famine

    Play RFC Dawn of Civilization version 1.14 and relive the history of the world!
    Experience how religions spread around the world and shape its history with newly returned Judaism, the Great Schism and the Reformation.
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