Can you change "victory conditions" once the game has started? once it's finished?


Sep 5, 2007
i was enjoying gaining some momentum in my game when I was rudely informed that I'd won a domination victory. I lost all interest in the game once the "game" part was over. Is there a cheat or something that will let me "reset" the game by changing the victory conditions, please?

Thank you.
Ohhh...Civ 4 has no "cheats" unlike previous installment. The best you get is worldbuilder, and that won't get you what you're looking for. You have to change it at the custom screen. There you can select which victories you want. If you want all open, but want to go for one specifically (like the GOTMs) enter the victory screen (the red fist on the top right of the screen). There you can see how far you are at meeting the victory goals. So you could steer away from a potential domination if you're aiming for cultural, etc.
Heres a trick I found. Edit a map, save it as a scenario, and then play that scenario. Haven't tested to see if it affects the final score in any way yet though. All I do know is that any quest bonuses you may have won will be cleared.
What about the Ini-File there ist a property in the Game-Section like:

VictoryConditions = 1011100

Does anyone knows the meaning of the certain bits?

(Mansa Musa is too advanced. Would like to force him to battle for conquest with me :lol:)
Changing the INI-File won't do the job. The bits code for the victory conditions that are enabled by default. Of course, this initial settings can be changed when creating a custom game and changing these ini-values doesn't influence games which have already been started.

The problem with the scenario thing is that not only quest and random event effects will be cleared but also lots of the diplomacy modifiers.

For vanilla and warlords there is a tool (saveconvert) that lets you change the settings of a savegame, but I don't know if it works with the latest versions of vanilla and warlords. It definitely doesn't work with BtS, what is really sad. It has been quite powerful. :(
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