Cant create Modpack


Feb 24, 2023
Hey guys,

I wanted to try and make a modpack with the current version (with the hope to get to play mp) but couldnt get it to work so far. When I start a game I do have Vox Populi installed but tabs like monopoly and others are missing. Further, in my first game I couldnt get passed the first event because I couldnt click the button. Second game luxury ressources were missing.
I have had no issues creating modpacks with previous versions, so I dont think its a mistake on my part. In my experience errors like these occured when the luxury ressource pack wasnt installed, so I suspect it might have to do with it beeing included in the base installer. I have no idea how to mitigate that however.
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thanks. I have tried your modpack but didnt have sucess getting it to work. When we played one player (not the host) always crashed to desktop.
Do you still play mp with it?
whups, nevermind. I forgot to drag the files into the mpmodspack folder.
I'll see myself out....:hammer2:
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