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Captured Worker Bug?


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Dec 10, 2001
Aberdeen, Scotland
Just noticed something that I can't recall happening before the 1.17 patch.

When I capture enemy workers (for example in my current game where I am playing the Egyptians), they sometimes show up as Worker(Egyptian). However, when I add them to a city, they revert back to their previous Civ.

Obviously, this makes it difficult to work out which workers are my workers, and which ones are captured workers.

Anyone else notice this?
I noticed this too. But don't your homegrown workers show up as Egyptian Worker and the captured as Worker (Egyptian)?
I added this one to the 1.17 bug list a few days ago.

They show up correctly under the pop-up unit menu... but wrong in the game view box.

Your own workers should still just say "Worker"... not "Work (Egyptian)". The pop-up menu will list them as "Worker (German)" (or whatever their actual nationality is).
If I'm not mistaken, in the chat transcript over at the 'poly site a Firaxian said that this wasn't a bug.
If it's not a bug, then they should change it back to the way it was before. Definately a step backward for the reason sealman mentioned. Just easier to "sort" them out.

BUT -- Sealman... tell me more about how you trade them back and how it improves relations.

I sometimes see other civs offering to trade captured workers from other civs. (Who needs them?)

Do you have to bring them back to your own capital in order to trade them?

One of my own rules is to never disband workers. I will collect them and park them in one of my cities (usually not my capital). I've had 60+ workers of a single AI civ. I always thought it was strange that the enemy would not insist on having their captured workers back at the end of a war.

Sometimes I do a "social experiment" and start a city and mix in one worker from my captured worker pool. Usually late in the game, so no interested results to report.
Sometime after the war, If the other civ is still around, I will bring his workers into my capital and trade them back. I might just give them to him as a gift. Eventually, sometimes, occassionaly, the other civ will become more civil to you.

I do not think that it does too much, it just makes me fell a little better since I probably started the war (or at least instigated it in some way) to being with.

I will even sold them to other civs if I like, a sort of Civ Slave trade :eek: Normally get about 20 gold each.
I have the same situation.

My strategy is to raze all the enemy cities (except the one with usefull wonders) so I have tons of workers. Later in the game I have so many workers that the game slows down sensibily. So often I have to disband the extra workers (I use maybe 20% of them), the problem is that I don't know which workers are mine (I have to pay those lazy bastards).

I trie to use F3 (military advisor) but it's buggy.
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