carrier based aircraft


Feb 18, 2002
I'm constantly having to wake all of my carrier based aircraft individually. If I don't remember to wake them then my aircraft won't be given the chance to move on that particular turn. Does anyone know why I have to wake my aircraft every turn and why they're not staying 'active'?
Hi there,

I have seen the same thing. It seems that everytime you move a carrier it automatically "sleeps" all aircraft aboard. I guess we have to live with this as there is no way around this problem that I know. I remember in Civ2 if you moved a carrier and didn't put a plane to sleep then it would be available for you to use later in your turn.

Oh well, just remember to wake your planes after moving a carrier. Good luck!
Don´t know for sure why they keep becoming inactive,suppose it´s because when a carrier is on the move it doesn´t have it´s aircraft on deck,same as in reality,annoying netherless.You should stop moving the carrier, find a good position and activate all of your planes with right click.
Does anyone know if fighters on the carrier retain their air-superiority orders from one turn to another or if these get 'sleeped' too ?
In a thread in the strategy-forum a few months ago someone stated that they do.

But I have not seen the "retain air sup. mission" by myself, I am just repeating what others testifyed.
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