CD Writer Comparison


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Nov 30, 2000
New Zealand Last Time I Checked
Short question which CD Writer is better
CyberDrive CD-Writer CW038D $235
ASUS CRW-2140S 24X10X40 CDRW $414
I m not talking about speed but sys requirements cd quality how long they last for etc (I have herd that cyberdrive are cheap and dont last as long)

any help much appreciated
Not sure about either of those. I am using a Buslink (inexpensive, but works well). I have read in a lot of magazines reviewers raving about Plextor CD-RWs.
HP wants something that Rocks?? Go with Yamaha, Plextor, or Rioch. Very nice drives.

ASUS isn't excatly the greatest brand of CD-RW either, but I've heard nothing bad about either. I think you could accept a little bad rep in case of $200!!

Are those American Dollars? Or NZ? If they are American....your getting ripped, because we picked one up for work at Circut City for $129. It was 24x10x40x.
I have a Plextor, it was a bit expensive but it works perfectly, it has yet to screw up a CD (and believe me, it's a true miracle the computer or any component works fine with me....)
I can recommend buying a Plextor to anyone (I don't have Plextor-shares!!!!:mad: )
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