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  • Wow :lol: So you're like a legend? Like that old hermit who did everything everyone has done before they did it?
    @yared94: I quit being a mod in 2002 I believe. I was spending way too much time on here. I was the first person to reach the 4'000 post mark and after quitting the mod job I severely slow down in my posting- I believe I have about 5'500 right now.
    Clicking on the title , my sig, or the FAQ question that asks where the download is, will get you to the download. I think I have it covered.

    Yes, I am playing with the hotfix, why does it matter?
    As long as the chat doesn't go on and on completely derailing the topic then it is tolerated. No one minds the odd personal comment here and there. As for being a mod developer, I'd hardly go that far. I've done some basic modding for my own game and am interested in new ideas, but that's about it.
    It occurred to me that I may have come across as being rude in my previous response. I wasn't trying to be and I apologize if it seemed that way. I just don't like using PMs as some sort of chat session. Your comment could easily have been made in the regular thread, there was no need to send me a PM for it.
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