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[BNW] Changing a UI buttons texture .DDS


May 6, 2024
Hi all,
I have extracted the DDS files I need from UITextures.fpk under Resources/DX9.
I have then successfully edited one of the button DDS files (NotificationNotes.dds - it's the button next to the minimap), but I can't seem to get it back into the game. I think Expansion2 is messing it up somehow.

I have tried LooseFilesOverridePAK = 1 in the config.ini file and adding the new .DDS to the Assets folder but that didn't work (again, I think it's because of all the DLC etc. since the old guides came out).

I've also tried creating a mod with Modbuddy that only has an ART folder to replace the textures, but that didn't work (but I'm not even sure I did it right, the tutorial I followed was dealing with a new civilization, not UI elements)

Any help here would be very appreciated
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