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Mar 24, 2002
Bourgondische Kreitz
i am in a seriuos problem.
i need some advice.
i am paying as chinese and my neighbour, the japaneze always attacks me with nukes and icbms.i cannot complete my wonder
for protceting me because i am still in de indusstrial ages.
i had 23 cities but after the japaneze bombing they came with modern armor and took 18 of my 23 cities.
What should i do?
time is running out they already attacked my capital.
plz give me some advice:mad: :eek: :(
If you don't have any nukes, I think you're screwed. Sorry.

Your only hope might be to either beg for mercy or try to form an alliance with some other civ to draw off your enemy's forces.
well i toke my last band of tanks and luckely i have captured one of their citys and my spy stole the satellite tech so i icbmte him back and i am now playing a hard game with icbms flying around:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:
Your game is a fine example of the amplified cost of early mistakes. Your first was the lack of tech parity. On higher levels this is quite difficult, however can generally be achieved through early exploitation of a few close neighbours. Your second mistake is a lack of diplomacy, or perhaps more appropriatly stated, a lack of "carrying a big stick". (Remember this is a game which originated in the US) Vassel states and some shrew deal making are essential for nonessential tech mop-up and coalition force attacks. In this case I never like to "wipe out" any Civ until I have the capability to wipe everybody out within a couple turns, a hesitant ally is better than no ally at all.
Originally posted by Sentinali
Your first was the lack of tech parody.

Parody comes into play in Civ3? Do you also get an advantage attacking and abusing the AI after armor, artillery and alliteration appears?

Sorry. Couldn't resist. :D
Originally posted by philippe

What should i do?
I would say that you should "put your head firmly bettween your knees and kiss your *** goodbye" :p
Do that in front of the Japs leader and maybey they will let you live :love:
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