Rise of the Mongols scenario. 50 turn Deity walk through.


Jul 7, 2023
I am new to civ 5 and steam, playing for domination victories and looking for ideas. I saw a screen shot from Henri https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/the-mongol-conquest.685053/

.. and misunderstood it to be from a standard game. It showed a side of civ I hadnt seen before, running big unhappiness and zero city growth. I couldnt work out how to get to that position when I realised it was a scenario with an advanced start. The mongols are fun to play so I looked at the scenario. Looking online I found a link to a game in Deity finished in 46 turns!

It is a strange link, but genuine, here is the text for the link, if you substitute 2 and 3 for the 1 at the end the url you have all 3 videos .. txthttps://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1D741117Lr?p=1 txt

Part 1 is above, .

Folk were excited as a deity win in the scenario unlocks many steam achievement badges, if that rocks your boat. Its also an easy domination deity victory, the keshiks are practically invulnerable as they retreat after attack.

I watched the videos through and copied the game strategy. Essentially meeting civs early, trading all their gold and declaring war the same time. After several turns they give a peace treaty with cities, and only the capitals have to be taken.

It is possible to follow the video step by step, exactly the same, and a 46 turn win is possible. I followed the strategy but not the detail and didn’t meet Russia soon enough, so I changed the game plan slightly and won easily on turn 55. With an early introduction to Russia I think the game is an easy win in 50 turns.

This is not my strategy or ideas, many of which are new to me, and I will now consider incorporating some ideas into my regular domination games. Here is enough info for a walk through:

1. Turn 1, Military tradition policy. Send the horseman in the SE corner to meet Western Xia and Jin. Trade silver to Jin for gold and exchange lump sum gold for gpt, if possible. Immediately declare war. Upgrade all remaining horsemen to keshiks after moving them to southern border. Build horses.

2. Annex Western Xia. Upgrade both free horsemen to keshiks and send them west to Lighur. Build warrior then horses.

3. Annex Xian and sell to China for 69 gpt and 100+ gp lump sum. Send Army west to Samarkland.

4. Annex Uighur. Build horses. Declare war on Almaty as soon as you meet them. Trade with Persia, empty his treasury with gpt for lump sum gold. Open borders is possible, but not needed. Meet India, empty his treasury with trades and declare war.

5. Annex Almaty and complete Honor policy. Build horses. Trade again with Persia to empty his treasury, declare war on Persia.. Annex Samarkland.

6. Attack Llaoyang with 2 keshiks and general. Reinforce with 1 horse and other keshiks upgraded from horse builds from karakorum . Annex Llaoyangm make peace treaty for the city of Kaifeng.

I had the above completed by T17.

7. Turns 17 to 20. Keep trying for peace with India until he gives you his 3 cities. Annex Lahore, Multan and Varanasi. Trade with China, empty her treasury and declare war. Advance on Nishapur, killing units until a peace offer gives you all his cities and luxuries. Annex Tabriz, Nishapur and Isfarhan. I sold a luxury to India for 100gp. Defend against and attack China and reinforce this army as you do so. Keep advancing on Korea.

(By turn 20 I had 1500 gold and I bought a horseman and a keshik. I realised at this point that comp bows are not in this scenario, but archers are worth building for xbow upgrades. Gold is not limiting in this scenario. I am behind the videos by a couple of turns and I don’t have optics yet, as they did, probably better to go straight for optics on turn 1, though it is minor detour. Micromanage the general and promotions for the tougher cities, proximity to general and another unit compensates for 33% unhappiness penalty . Accuracy promotions are better for the city attacks. Make for logistics promotion, horses for city capture can take medic promotions.)

8. Meet Arabia, trade all their gold and declare war on them and their allies, Georgia and Abbasids.

9. Annex Korea and send troops across the sea to the China battle, the free xbows go south to the China front. Meet Japan, take all his gold in trades and declare war immediately. Annex Xian and keep attacking China, Chengdu and Xiangyang. offering peace for her cities. Annex Abbasids and Georgia. [now send a unit to find Russia. Or earlier!]

(In the videos Georgia is not annexed through the game. I take Georgia on Turn 28 and the video game took Aleppo on Turn 27 and forced a peace treaty. I had the same treaty on Turn 29.)

10. Attack or Annex Aleppo until a peace treaty gives you Aleppo, Damascus and Mecca and then Annex Crusader States.

11. Meet Byzantium, trade all his gold and declare war. Attack Constantinople. Annex as may Chinese cities as you need (2 for me) and make peace for 80gpt, 200gp and her remaining cities. Annex all Chinese cities. Make peace with Japan for 2 cities and gp and gpt. Annex Dazaifu and Kamakuru. I sent a unit north of Georgia to meet Russia. All of the above to Turn 32. Building road through the Mountain pass north of India.

12. Declare war on Jin and Persia and attack their capitals. Barbarians need mopping up, I lost a pasture.

(In the videos Beijing was captured at turn 30, and attacks on Persia and Byzantium were ongoing. The video game had conquered India by now, I don’t even have an army there. They met Russia much earlier in the game and had now made peace with city exchanges.)

13. Meet Russia, trade all her gold and declare war. Annex Constantinople. Annex Thessalonica, easy now with range and logistics, kill Byzantium, all troops south to Arabia. Annex Beijing, kill Jin. Free techs towards Navigation.

(The video has all this done mid 30s turns, as well as finishing off Persia and India! At turn 39 I had all the above but not India. I didn’t build up troops as per the video, both in terms of movement and build/ buy. I am no longer horse limited, and bought keshiks in cities next to Delhi. The video game has an army closing in on Japan by turn 39, straight after Jin. My Byzantium front is at the same place as the video, I am slow to take Jin and India and Persia (but that didn’t matter) and I had no early Russian contact for the early war so she will be late giving a peace treaty.
The video game is won in 46 turns! After Jin straight to Japan and then back to finish off China. The troops that took Byzantium go to take Arabia, a third army finished Russia and end the game.
So now I divert from the video game, I am giving up 80 gpt to China, but my plan is China first, then Japan, gives me more time for the naval set up. 3 turns of peace treaty in force, so I will gather and heal the China front.)

14. Attack Delhi, Urghench and Cairo. Build Triremes in Korea, Liaoyang I bought one in Dazaifu. Upgrade to Frigates. I killed India, Arabia, Persia and China by turn 47, held up by large barbarian uprisings near China. March / sail to Russia and Japan with Rifling available. 5 Frigates and a few keshiks plus xbows (fodder) are enough to take Japan with the riflemen built in Kamakuru. With the gold income build Frigates. There are ongoing massive barbarian uprisings around China, I guess irrelevant, but having roads cut will impact income.

15. Annex Kiev and Kyoto. My lack of early Russian contact requires Annex of Novgorod and Vladimir by conquest. I won on Turn 55.

An earlier meeting with Russia would see a finish around turn 50 or earlier.


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