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Civ 2 is dead

Will Civ 3 replace Civ 2 as The Game?

  • Yes, Civ 3 will replace Civ 2

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • No, Civ 2 has died without an heir

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Dec 23, 2001
Civ 2 Multiplayer is dead, and the release of Civ 3 was the final blow.

Civ 3 is may be disturbingly different, but it is not necessarily a *worse* game than Civ 2. At least that's what I seem to be hearing from those who have played the game.

SMAC, ToT, CTP 1 and CTP 2 all tried to "sequel" Civ 2 but to no avail. Sure, they offer something unique and fun, but no game has offered the endless replayability and the obsessive complexity of Civ 2, until Civ 3.

I for one would have continued to play Civ 2 multiplayer as long as there remained a loyal base to this amazing game, but as there is no loyal base anymore, thus I guess I must say goodbye.
Starting flame wars at apolyton, rearing your ugly head in zone, and then saying good bye in civ fan forums. You're a man with a face for all seasons, fell. Now please get lost and do everyone a favour.
It's a joke. I was trying to inject some life into this forum. Christ, some people have no sense of humour.
A joke? What a tasteless, senseless, and punchless joke that was. Quite frankly, that was a joke only you could comprehend, while the others took your good-bye as a reason to celebrate. Seems like your pathetic attack on Kuja backfired on you big time! No one likes you except your butch, Mr. Eyes. Joke or no joke, I think it's about time you finally got booted from the civ community.

Ha ha!
What are you talking about? What is tasteless about the first post on this thread? What goodbye? What attack on Kuja? You mean the one that was a warning to the Apolyton group? Next time I recommend you think before spouting out whatever bull**** comes into your head. Now leave my topic.
:confused: :confused:

I think a defence of IronicWarrior is in place here. To me Spartan_RawB is speaking genuine gibberish and he is being totally rude. :mad:

Whatever Spartan_RawB thinks has happened at another forum it can not possibly be of any concern here, as long as Warrior follows Civ Fanatic´s rules.

So I made a search for Warriors posts. Most of them were so long that I did not feel like reading them very thoroughly, but when glancing through the last 20 or so I could not find anything that helps me understand the attack made by Spartan_RawB.

Warrior does not flame anybody and is never very rude. He fights valiantly for his opinion that Civ 2 is better than Civ 3, at least for multiplayer purposes, but we are all entitled to having different opinions.

Perhaps I should just report Spartan_RawB´s posts to the moderators. :D
Ohhhhhhhh i got to use my mod powers.
I'm gonna close this thread down.
Don't flame in my forums please:) thanks
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