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Civ 5 crashing when trying to join multiplayer lobby


Nov 14, 2023
Hello everyone,
I have a problem with my Civ 5 game. I have wanted to play multiplayer game with my friends but since April/May 2023 I am not able to even join multiplayer lobby. When I'm trying to join the lobby my ping just goes crazy and equals 1000ms or even more, then just goes back to 40ms, and then my game crashes. Does anyone know how to repair that thing? I have contacted 2K support, also Steam support (they've sent me back to 2K support), Microsoft Support. I've sent them my .log files, also Microsoft logs etc. The 2K Support told me that my Microsoft Visual C++ files are corrupted. Repaired them, still doesn't work. Since May I have changed my PC and tried to play multi. Same thing happens on other PC, even on Laptop. Is that my internet problem or something else?
Why rely on Steam? Wasn't that feature designed by Aspyr? Email them.

This may be counter-intuitive but have you tried being the main guy whom everyone else connects to? Can't recall if that's called Hot Seat or Pit Boss -- it's been 20 years since I tried a multiplayer game online, because bandwidth wouldn't support it.
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