Civ Crashes Related to Mod


Oct 18, 2015
Hi Everyone, I keep getting crashes and I'm hoping someone can help me figure out exactly where the problem is, or at least which mod is causing it.

I get the below errors in the database log:

[Localization] ERROR: UNIQUE constraint failed: LocalizedText.Language, LocalizedText.Tag
[Gameplay] ERROR: UNIQUE constraint failed: CivicRandomCosts.CivicType, CivicRandomCosts.Cost

When I search corresponding number in the modding log, it shows this for the localization error:
Error parsing ../../../DLC/Expansion2/Text/en_US/Expansion1_Gossip_Text.xml

And it shows this for the gameplay error:
Applying Component - TYTCivicScalingEraHigh (UpdateDatabase)
Warning: UpdateDatabase - Error Loading SQL.

Edit: I figured out the the gameplay error relates to Take Your Time Ultimate.
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