Civ VI vs. Marvel's Midnight Suns

Yes. Though presumably you haven't tried Marvel's Midnight Suns yet? 🤔

I totally recommend it.
Steam had a free-to-play weekend and that's where I had a go.

Definitely keep an eye out for the next one!

Regardless IMO XCOM/MMS is definitely going to influence future Civ one way
I'm waiting for all the DLC heroes to come out first so I can experience them all in one playthrough.
Because that's the entire point of the story? What are you actually even complaining about?
Thanks for not spoiling the end for me. But like WTF happened?! 😖

Spoiler MMS Finale :

So Hunter redeemed his relationship with his mom. Ok, it's touching. But was it really crucial/critical to the narrative and/or gameplay. IDK
In fact the premise that the big bad is your mom is a little disturbing. Especially as many gamers live in their mom's basements 🤣

Back on topic: MMS suffers from Firaxis' "One more turn".
I say "suffers" because I completed the game going to bed at 5am, barely getting any sleep last night and now I feel rotten. (Oh, but that maybe b'cos of the mixers I had!) 😆
At least it is Sunday!

Honestly, I don't remember ever being hooked on Civ like this.
Marvel's Midnight Suns has very addictive gameplay. I'm so relieved to have completed it this weekend! 😌

Another commonality: both games have a continue playing after the end mode.
Civ VI "Just one more turn..." button and Marvel's Midnight Suns' "New Game+" mode.
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As you know, big fan of Midnight sun here... enjoyed it a lot, finished the base game, didn't buy the season pass so waiting for all 4 DLCs to be out and the discounts to come in before buying them, in the meantime I still play a little to raise friendship with the last 2 heroes I'm not maxed in yet.

Season Pass is on Spring Sales everywhere now.
I got it and am playing Deadpool now 👍

BTW I'm editing the OP to keep track of things both games have in common.
I have played through the AoW series, especially the first two. I especially liked the halflings. 😁 Very fun and they had a fantasy civ-lite/Master of Magic feel to them. More scenario driven play where you usually had to get a domination win.

If AoW4 has more empire building, that'll be great. The more 4X games, the better. Eagerly waiting more information.
Yeah, the one more turn also caused some accidental late nights for me when playing Xcom and Xcom 2.

I never really got into XCOM2 even though I purchased it at launch.
PS4 copy is gathering dust.

After I finish MMS I think I will dust it off.

But I have to say Civ VI isn't nearly as addictive as MMS. I've been spending several late nights playing it now.
With Civ VI I fall asleep much earlier. In fact it makes me tired/sleepy.

No more "one more turn" 😁
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