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CIV1 sources

You mean the source-code/
PIC file format (mods)

Idea ( free civ1 source code discussion )

but i think there were bigger discussion(s) than these
around here (as far as i remember)...
maybe an old member or a moderator can point to a source code discussion -
i think it's not in need to re-inventing the wheel again. ;)

the license-owners (... who-ever ...) of the civ.1 game NEVER have shown up anything that would/could raise hopes 'we' will see civ.1 as abandon-ware or public domain someday - and so it will be (of course) with the source code.
Who are current license-owners? Maybe they just don't know someone still wishes to get Civ1 source code? (I'm a naive optimist)
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