Civ2 Versus Civ3

Which Civ do you prefer?

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  • Civ2

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  • Civ3

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  • I hate them all.

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Aug 12, 2001
I know this has been posted before, but it always degenerates in to petty fueds between two or more members. But civ2 versus civ3. Don't post unless you have good thought through reasons for doing so. If you don't know why you prefer one or the other, just use the poll.

I never played civ1, so I don't no what its like.

But I prefer civ2 to civ3 mainly for the editing capabilities and the resulting capabilities to create scenarios. This creates infinite replayabiltity.

Also, civ2 two holds the speed to prevent a player from getting bored. The game loads fast enough to be easily loadable, and the turns don't take nearly as long as in civ3.

The music is also more enjoyable to listen to, and the ability to switch tracks means you can set the mood in the game.

But Civ3 also has its upsides, in better graphics, more options, and more diverse civs.

So give me your honest opinion people.
Over the past ten years or so, I've played many, many games of Civ1, Civ2, Civ3, and Alpha Centauri.

Civ2 was not much of a change from Civ1. A few extra units, advances, and city improvements, but overall it was the same game. One big plus in terms of the program itself, though: it was very Windows-friendly, and didn't need the @#$% CD to play. Civ2 kept me entertained on a lot of business trips. (Ironically, just after Civ3 came out, I got a new job that drastically reduced my travel requirements.)

Civ3, as anyone reading this forum will attest, is a different animal from Civ2. You can't win at Civ3 using Civ2 strategies. I think that this is a good thing for all us jaded old Civ2 players. Although I see some drawbacks in Civ3 as opposed to Civ2, when all things are considered, I prefer the new version.

But in my mind, the prize for the best "Sid Meier" game still goes to Alpha Centauri. Better diplomacy, better government types, better unit creation, better combat model.

I think that Alpha Centauri's social engineering and unit design workshops could only have worked with that game -- as a science-fiction scenario, the designers were free to say "anything goes" in those areas. For a (quasi-)historical simulation like Civilization, I respect their decision to stick with the units and governments that were actually used. But Civ3 really could have benefited from some of the combat and diplomatic features that worked so well in Alpha Centauri.
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