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I'm going by the Narts saga article on Wikipedia (which I inadvertently tumbled on to while researching for a North Caucasian civilization design) and so I can't speak with much authority, but the Narts are a mythological people featured in the legends of the Caucasian peoples. Batraz is a storm-god of the Narts. (Upon a second reading, he doesn't seem to be a very heroic figure, but I think a more vigorous research may yield a more complete image. I have an idea that his vilification may be inspired by Christianisation. Still, Uzurmaeg could be a good alternative.)
Patine - well aware of that transition, but to me that's kind of the dividing line between fantasy and mythology - one follows the myth, the other looks to them for inspiration but is otherwise not bound by them. Both are good and very valid genre, but also different. Given civilization's "reality" grounded roots, I would prefer this hypothetical game to go the more mythological (the "reality" of the tales they told themselves) than a more pure fantasy game reflecting. I'd probagly get both in the end, mind you,.

That said, yes, there definitely ARE supernatural races, and some of them may well still have a place as unique units. But others still fit best as barbarians.
Damballah Wedo of Dahomey is also a rainbow serpent.
But I google it a bit and discover aboriginal of Australia also have the myth of a Rainbow Serpent.
What of those Rainbow Serpent are you talking about?
Also, I was googling a little more and find the VIkings also have it's own dragon called: Jörmundgander

I also remeber a history of Dragonish snake on ancient Egypt mythology, something at the night the sun god fight with this snake and the blood of the snake is the red color of the morning sky. But I can't find the name of this Egyptian snake.
The Egyptian one would be Apophis, the snake of evil.
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