Complicated Upgrade Paths


Archont of Cootertown
Sep 8, 2004
If you are upgrading a unit, and there is a units along the upgrade path that requires a resource you do not have (but is available to all civs), will the game pass over that unit and upgrade to the next unit (provided you have the tech and its available to your civ)?

Let's say in the editor a widget upgrades to a splidget, and a splidget upgrades to a hooved toad. Widgets and hooved toads require no resources, but splidgets require uranium. Splidgets and hooved toads are available at the same tech, widgets require no tech. If you lack uranium, will a widget upgrade directly to a hooved toad?
Ah, duh. Although I don't believe I've ever been unconnected to iron by the industrial age.
That's good news though, for the hooved toads. Thanks.
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