Congo Monarch, Normal, 600AD UHV (1.17)


Apr 12, 2020
This one is not too bad, and I will give a very quick run down on how to achieve the 3 conditions, which are:

1) 15% in the Apostolic Palace by 1650,
2) 1000 gold made from slaves by 1800, and
3) reach the industrial era before anyone reaches the final (global, I think) era

Here is some key info:
1) Your share of the AP vote only increases when your Catholic population is a square number. Thus, to hit 15%, you generally need a total of 36 Catholic citizens (though in some cases 25 may work; 16, 9 etc. aren't even close, obviously).
2) Slaves are worth a lot to Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal, and no one else. I'm not sure if there's a hard rule, but for my run by the end Britain was offering 100/slave, France 70, and each Iberian 60. I would not recommend selling for less if you get unlucky with the captures.
3) The tribal baddies come in waves from the north, northeast (maybe east, see 4)), and south. They're the slaves you'll sell. Once you have enough units, try to box them in to Subsaharan Africa with fast woodsman II pombos (they have a tendency to go into Mali, Ethiopia, and Egypt and suicide).
4) The native cities on the east of the continent are initially guarded only by an archer each. I took one of my initial pombos and took each of them. This will go a long way in helping you reach 36. Not sure if these cities make units for slaves if you don't take them.
5) A unit (I popped a warrior from a goodie hut) in Morocco pacing back and forth across North Africa to meet Western Europeans can be useful to keep contact up to sell slaves.

Here is my rundown (can answer questions as anyone needs them):

Initial civics: Despotism, Slavery, Clergy, Citizenship, Redistribution, Conquest

Initial tech: go compass for caravels

Very quick rundown (not exhaustive):
Settle in place, culture to get fish w/ building work boat. Major food focus in capital. Get a settler onto the tile that gets gems, copper, and banana in city radius. Third city on NW cotton.
Second city/third goes aqueduct, then focus on barracks pombos. 2-promotion pombos can either go woodsman II to hunt slaves/escort across the continent, CR2 to take the eastern cities, or go combat II to fight Portuguese.
You get Catholicism when you get it...just be ready to build a monastery and priests ASAP (even whipping them if you are OK on population for UHV1).
The Portuguese attack Quelimane and Mbanza Kongo probably between 1610-1640, so be prepared (each stack has 4 arquebusiers and 2 bombards). With citizenship and some early slave selling a military is easy to raise. If you have a TON of slaves, selling a few in a pinch isn't bad. I personally lost Quelimane to Portugal (after I hit UHV1). It's not the end of the world if you think you either already hit UHV1 or think you can hit UHV1 without it. That's pretty much it for UHV1 and 2.

For UHV3, I whip-rushed a market, library, and theatre in Mbanza Kongo with Citizenship, then switched into Monasticism and Elective. I cranked GP for trade missions/bulbing in the capital, and used city 2 (the one city of the 5 not on the coast) to just keep cranking slave hunters (I also reconquered Quelimane) and then eventually wealth. Once you get caravels send them to meet everyone, with emphasis on the advanced East Asian civs to speed your research. I think I got 3 GM and one GS so I bulbed 2 techs with the GS and trade missioned to Mecca/Jerusalem and kept the slider up like an idiot. After you have caravels, simply click on Metallurgy and go. I eventually did one more civic switch out of outdated Slavery and Redistribution to avoid collapse. I think I won in like 1870 or something.

And there you go!

Ask if any questions :)
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