Conversion of a Unit

Esoteric Arcane

Jun 18, 2006
First off, I would I say converting but that tends to have a religious steal unit or bribe unit which is not what Ill be talking about.

A feature that would help people manage their military a bit better is the ability to convert units to a different type. The upgrade feature is in place to bring that unit up to a more modern unit, however, in times of change, the units in place may need to field a different type of weaponry all together. Such as if I have a warrior and I cannot upgrade him to a swordsman, I might want to convert that unit over to the archery line. This button will only be visiable within a town, as upgrade only highlights inside the nation who owns it.

Itll cost gold to change over the unit or be removed from the map and placed within the production que of the city to rebuild it. Their might even be a reduction in the last promotion or say, it loses its range abilities completely if I was converting it from archer to a pikemen. This will also lower its XP need to get repromoted in its new line.

Likewise during later games, I may have too many battleships and need to field some carriers quick, I can covert them in my towns so I dont have to drop as much money or use up a lot of turns to build a brand new ship.

Always would like to have this ability to help keep my military in the long scope of time for its current need.
maybe the unit can change over, but have no promotions, aside from ones guaranteed by its type or any policies or wonders, and lose half of its experience?

so let's say you're china and you want to change your 50 experience longswordsman over to a cho ko nu and you have himeji castle. you'd do it and still be able to shoot twice and have the bonus from the wonder, but you would have no other promotions and only 25 experience.
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