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Jan 21, 2002
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I have seen many people do stories on their Civ3 games so i have decided to give it a shot. Keep your fingers crossed.

In the year 4000 B.C. our tribe of wanderers settled down in a remote region. We built our camp, and decided that it would be good to live here permenantly. We named our fledgling city Kyoto. My people decided that i would be the best leader of our people. They then decided to build me a palace. It looked like a cave to me.

As my first act of being the local tryant was to order the recruitment of the strongest men in our tribe for use as scouts and warriors. Many brave lads heeded my call and joined Japan's starting army. As my fair city grew i ordered out the new Stone's Brigade to scout out the surronding lands to see if we were alone in this world. I will always remember my soldiers' faces as they marched out of the city. They were the first of many.

Surprisingly soon after being sent out to scout a courier was sent by the scouting party saying that they had discovered another tribe of people just a little ways away (10 tiles to be exact). Also they sent word that these people had access to a rare resource unavailable to us. That of course was horses. Their leader Ghandi visited me giving gifts of gold and wines. We accepted all of their gifts and made friendly relations that would last for over 1000 years.


Herioki was a successful merchant inside of Kyoto. One day as he was selling his goods in the busy streets of Kyoto a man told him of the new discovery of fertile plains to the west of Kyoto and of the massive herd of wild cattle that lived there. Leading him and his family out of the gates he went on to explore the outside lands to make his fortune of the herds there.


I watched as the band of settlers left the city and told them to build a glorious city in the name of Japan. After a year of waiting i recieved more word on them learning that they had built a great city in the Western plains and named it Tokyo. The courier sent was also inviting me to a party in my honor.

After a long journey to Tokyo I gave a speech saying that they were the first of thousands of people who would one day populate the earth under our glorious flag. As i was giving the end of my speech a courier came up to me and told me that my scouting party of warriors had discovered another civilization south of ours who called themselves the Chineese. He also mentioned that an diplomat of their people had come with them to pay his respects to me.


Himero Mao was the stepson of the leader of the Chineese. He was sitting in the waiting room of the great palace in Kyoto. He smiled as he thought of his mission.

To be continued when i get up in the morning. this is a current game i am playing with some *cough* *cough* minor exagerations.
Oh well i've decided to continue on anyway.

The Chineese Ambassador

As a walked into my palace's office i called in the diplomat of China.

"Nice to meet you i am the ruler of the Japaneese," I said, "And you are?". "My name is Himero Mao," said the Chineese person in front of me. "I have come from our glorious leader to tell you we have noticed your cute civilization and request that you pay us 2 gold millions yearly or suffer the great Mao's wrath." For a few moments i sat in shock wondering if i had done something wrong. After that i said to him, "Your pathetic nation does not worry us, you attempt to attack us we will defend ourselves and destroy you.""Fine", he said, "We will one day see you on the battlefield."

After this confrontation with the Chineese ambassador I ordered increase recruitment of troops and ordered my head of science to negiotiate more technology out of the Indians who were continually discovering things before anyone else could.

For many years after meeting with the Chineese my nation grew and prospered. During this time i continually sent more troops to the Chineese border. The Stone's Brigade now elite from destroying barbarian camps was returning to Japan to fight the Chineese. Using the new technology of Archery my army was more advanced and numourous than the pathetic Chineese forces.


Two Chineese men were stolling along the path that connected the city of Kyoto to the Chineese city of Shanghai. All of the sudden they heard the banging of drums and saw buts of color over the trees. Running towards to find out what was going on one of them was suddenly cut in half by arrows. Looking in surprise at his friend the other Chineese man starting running away only to be ambushed by warriors. The China-Japan War had begun.

The China-Japan War

My troops had successfully advanced toward Shanghai with the Spearmen flanking the warriors and the archers covering from behind. As we advanced toward the city walls I saw that they could only give a resistence of one brigade up against our 15. I ordered a full scale assualt against the city. I charged at the head of my men. Advancing through the city gate I sliced off the heads of the guards by the gate and yelled, "Men, the Chineese's time of punishment has come, CHARGE!" . Giving a spirited cheer my men slayed all who opposed us with only minimum casualties.

After the battle had ending I had ordered the looting of the city saying that finders keepers. My men had a toast to my honor after we were done pillaging. Throughout the whole celebration, however, I knew that what we fought against today and the reinforcements that we had wiped out were not their whole army. I knew that there was still a long path to victory.

The next day 14 of my brigades marched out to Beijing for a full scale assualt on the Chineese capitol. I made sure to leave a spearman brigade behind to watch over the city and quell any resistence there mgith be to my benevolent reign. Marching through the deep jungle road my men an i were starting to get tire when out of nowhere came 3 brigades of Chineese warriors. They launched a vicious attack against my flank and were able to take out 5 brigades and seriously injure another before we destoryed them. Leaving me with a battered but now veteran or elite army I marched to Beijing.

Looking from a nearby hill i saw the magnificiant building which made me think: wow, I must destory them. Calling to my remaining 8 brigades, "Charge lads! they have no defence the city is ours for the taking!" Letting out a loud cheer, my troops charged straight into the unseen advancing spearmen and archers. We were entirely surprised by them and almost all of us were wounded or dead. Even I did not get away without a scratch. Leaving the battlefield with the Chineese cheers in my ears me and my 3 remaining brigades retreated to Shanghai to await reinforcements. I vowed to take the city at any cost.

"People of Japan, our defeat at Beijing is a temporary setback to our nation's campeign against China. We return twice, three times, a hundred times, we will return as many times as we have to but we will take that city!" After this statment my people cheered in front of me. I smiled and stepped down off the stairs of my palace to go to Beijing. With 5 fresh new Archer brigades combined with my 3 elite archers we marched out of Kyoto to once again attack Beijing. Behind us were 6 archers and 3 spearmen brigades marching from Osaka.

Once again on the same hill above the city this time i did not make the same foolish mistake of not scouting the area first. I sent for my second in command general ________ . "General, take the 3 elite brigades and march to the rear of the town cutting off roads as you go. Elminate all resistence," I said to him. He saluted and went to assemble his archer division. His part of the plan went of without a hitch. He and his men wiped out 5 warrior brigades and cut off every road leading into Beijing. Soon after that I ordered the 5 remaining brigades to charge carrying the glory of Japan. I would have gone with them except I had been wounded in the last assualt and was in no condition to run or charge. I was the only one who survived. My troops had charged and were wiped out by the city's Spearmen. Soon after the battle, I still did not know who had won, and i saw a group of men marching toward me. The wind was dead that day and i could not see what flag they carried. I called to them, " What news of the battle? Who has won?" "We have you heathan Japaneese, DIE!" They fired a volley of arrows at me which I am sure I would have died in if it wasn't for the 3 elite archer brigades under the command of General _______ which came in the nick of time. Once i again i vowed to avenge the deaths of my men.

The Final Days of the Mao ruled Chineese Kingdom

With only 3 elite brigades remainign under my command. I decided to surprise them by doing the unexpected. I would attack with all my troops on their gate.

"....so then I said 'hey thats my girl'" The other Chineese guards laughed as they patrolled around the gate. "Those dang fools, they had charged right into our spears. It was as easy as killing dogs."

I listened the Chineese talk. I then gave my men the signal and we charged from inside of the town's moat. The guards never knew what hit them. I sliced one of them in half and led the charge into the city. Our tactics and elite skills won us the day. The Chineese all died before us. I placed the Japaneese falg above Mao's palace myself. While I was watching the beheading of the Mao ambassador that had offended me, I recieved a message that the ruler Mao had fled to a nearby city known as Canton. I ordered General_______ to take his archers to attack the city. I thought no more of it. 2 years later Canton finally fell after a long seige by General ________. I ordered the Chairman Mao beheaded and made peice with the remaining Chineese who were stuck in the middle of the Babylonian Empire. They right them were no longer important.

The war with China lasted many years and made many of my men lose their lives. We gained: 3 cities, 2 sources of spices, and 1 source of horses. Sometimes i wonder if it was worth it.

As of now in the game the Chineese are stuck with one city inside the middle of the babylonians who are a close ally to me. I just recently discovered iron working and learned that the only sources on this continent are within Indian terroritory. Looks like a war is brewing. i left the general's name blank just in case any one wants to be him like in Sealman's stories. I will continue this tomorrow morning.
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