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CRA02 AW Japan Monarch

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by CivRulesAll, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    USA lands archer.
    Alex lands three crusaders and a cav.

    1255AD (T241-1)
    Found IZUMO 2
    Found NAGASAKI 2
    2nd kills crusader (1-0).
    2nd kills another crusader (2-0).
    eHorse kills archer (3-0).
    2nd kills cav (4-0).
    Sami kills last crusader (5-0).
    Alex gets Medicine for his free tech.

    IBT USA lands 2 swords (reg) and MDI.

    1260AD (T242-2)
    eSami kills a MDI (1-0).
    Upgrade sami* to cav for 15 gold.
    eSami kills a sword (2-0).
    2nd kills last one (3-0)
    Upgrade a damaged sami.
    Upgrade all sami's in coastal area. The extra move and 50% increase in attack. We do give up a pont in defense. I try to prevent attacks, by attacking.

    Alex drops 2 cavs (reg/vet).

    1265AD (T243-3)
    Found Yokohama 2
    Sami clears a camp.
    Found Shimonoseki 2
    Cav kills a cav (1-0).
    4/4 sami kills the other (2-0) [10-0].
    Cav kills barb.

    2 barb horses die on a sami and it goes elite.
    2 more elect to pass. I am not busting fog, so we can grab 25 gold and some xp.

    1270AD (T244-4)
    Kill one of the barbs.

    3 cavs land.

    1275AD (T245-5)
    Found Matsuyama 2
    eSami kills a cav (1-0).
    esami kills cav (2-0).
    cav kills last one (3-0) [13-0].

    Greek cav lands.

    1280AD (T246-6)
    Cav kills a barb in camp. Wow I had just sent the sami to upgrade and as it comes back a camp was built.
    Found Sapporo 2
    We kill a few more barbs. Not going to list them, only camps.
    Cav kills the cav and goes elite (1-0) [14-0].

    USA lands a settler with a spear and a sword. Ah, right next to the 3rd army, whoops. Can you say 2 slaves please.
    Alex drops 2 cavs and 2 crusaders in the normal spot.

    1285AD (T247-7)
    Cav clears a camp and goes elite.
    3rd kills escorts (2-0).
    eCav kills crusader (3-0).
    eSami kills cav (4-0).
    Cav kills cav (5-0).
    2nd kills crusader (6-0) [20-0].
    Newton done, start MA.

    1290AD (T248-8)
    Found Hakodate 2
    Cav clears camp.

    Russian warrior lands.

    1295AD (T249-9)
    Cav clears camp.
    3rd clears camp.

    1300AD (T250-10)

    Henry drops off a LB.
  2. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    1305AD (T251-1)

    Alex lands a cav ands a crusader.

    1310AD (T252-2)
    Found Toyama 2
    eCav kills cav (1-0).
    eSami kills crusader (2-0).

    1315AD (T253-3)

    USA drops 2 mdi and an archer.
    Alex lands 4 cavs and a crusader.
    The good news is I do hve a rail disecting from Edo 2 to Suo.

    1320AD (T254-4)
    eCav kills a crusader (1-0).
    eSami dies on a cav (1-1). Need the rails to get bombardment.
    cav kills cav (2-1).
    Cav kills mdi (3-1).
    Cav kills the other mdi (4-1).
    2nd kills cav (5-1).
    Cav cross continent to kill archer (6-1).
    Cav does the same to a damaged cav (7-1).

    Abe dropped the same setup in the same spot. A settler, spear and sword near Bremen and the 3rd.

    1325AD (T255-5)
    Found Fukushima 2
    Two cavs kills Abe's units, one goes elite (2-0) [11-1]

    Abe drops a settler spear in the far west. Sami and cav on either side of them?
    Alex only sends a lone cav.

    1330AD (T256-6)
    The cav kills the spear (1-0).
    eCav kills the cav after it was pinged (2-0) [13-1]

    1335AD (T257-7)
    Frigate pings Carrack. Second frigate sinks the galley (1-0).
    Sweet only two boats and get a kill.

    Upgrade the only treb for 15.

    Found Suo 2
    Found Bizen 2
    Found Echizen 2
    Upgrade 5 cats. [14-1]

    Alex dropped 3 cavs all vets by New Nagasaki.
    He also dropped 2 cavs and crusader with a settler in the NW.

    1340AD (T258-8)
    Volcano errupts again, but no damage.
    Found Izumi 2
    3 of 4 cannons ping stack. Next pair both hit.
    eCav kills one (1-0).
    cav gets one (2-0).
    Cav get last of the pack and goes elite (3-0).
    Find last cat and upgrade.
    cav kills a cav on the settler (4-0).
    Sami gets one (5-0).
    Cav kills crusader and takes settler (6-0).

    Abe lands 2 mdi.

    1345AD (T259-9)
    Found Omi 2
    eAC kills one mdi cleanly (1-0).
    eAC repeats that (2-0).
    [22-1] {14}

    1350AD (T260-10)

    Looks like a road is nearly circumnavigated our empire. Rails on much of the coastal towns.

    Attached Files:

  3. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    1355AD (T261-1)
    Found Echigo 2

    1360AD (T262-2)
    Found Kozuke 2

    Abe drops 2 mdi and a LB.

    1365AD (T263-3)
    Found Sado 2
    Cav clears camp and goes elite. Just a little tip of land still not expose in the NW.
    Found New Kyoto 2
    eCav kills LB (1-0).
    eAC kills mdi (2-0).
    eAC kills last mdi (3-0)

    Alex land a cav.

    1370AD (T264-4)
    Found New Osaka 2
    Found Neo-Tokyo 2
    eCav kills cav (1-0) [4-0].

    1375AD (T265-5)
    Found New Edo 2
    MA completes.

    1380AD (T266-6)

    Alex lands 4 cavs.
    Abe drops 3 mdi. These are all vets now.

    1385AD (T267-7)
    eSami kills an mdi (1-0).
    Cannons did poorly so 1st kills a cav (2-0).
    Upgrade a cannon that is not on rails yet.
    eAC kills mdi (3-0).
    Was going to use armies, but leader tries.
    eCav kills cav (4-0).
    eCav kills cav (5-0).
    Cav kills last one (6-0).
    Note those last 3 were pinged to 3HP.
    eAC kills last mdi (7-0).

    1390AD (T268-8)
    Found New Satsuma 2
    Cav clears camp and all fog removed.
    Upgrade all cannons.
    Found New Kagoshima 2

    Henry lands 2 LB.

    1395AD (T269-9)
    Better, artillery all hit.
    eSami kills LB (1-0).
    eAC kills last one (2-0) [13-0].
    Must be due for a leader. {nn} is elite wins, iirc

    Alex sends 2 cavs.

    1400AD (T270-10)
    Arty do the damage.
    Found New Nara 2
    eSami and eAC kills the cavs (2-0).
    [15-0] {26}

    Abe lands 1.
  4. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    1405AD (T271-1)
    Found New Nagoya 2
    eSami kills LB (1-0).
    Unit support dropped to 1gpt.

    Abe drops 2 mdi.

    1410AD (T272-2)
    Two eAC kill them (2-0) [3-0]
    Looks like another pass for scientist. Shaves a turn off. I have an army started as a pre for ToE.
    No one knows Electricity so far, except me.

    Abe lands 2 mdi.
    A frigate bombards town in NE.

    1415AD (T273-3)
    eSami kills mdi (1-0).
    eAC gets the other (2-0) [5-0]

    Alex drops 3 cavs and a crusader.

    1420AD (T274-4)
    Two eCavs kill cavs (2-).
    eSami kills crusader (3-0).
    eAC kills cav (4-0) [9-0].
    That is the 32nd elite win and no leader, best be getting a double or triple soon.

    Henry lands spear and LB.

    1425AD (T275-5)
    Found New Izumo 2
    eAC kills spear (1-0).
    eSami kills the LB and Leader.
    Only took 34 wins.
    (2-0) [11-0]

    Alex lands 2 cavs and a crusader.

    1430AD (T276-6)
    eCav kills crusader (1-0).
    ecav kills cav (2-0).
    eAC kill cav (3-0) [14-0]

    14350AD (T277-7)
    Found New Nagasaki 2

    1440AD (T278-8)
    Found New Yokohama 2
    Could do in 4, but would need 100% and then have too many unhappy faces.
    Switch army to ToE.
    Milked the one tile for another camp. Just pull the cav bacxk to let them have a bit of fog. I did not start that for a camp, but rather to avoid frigates.
    Ok, found 8 more scientist and now in four at 90.

    1445AD (T279-9)
    Found New Shimonoseki 2
    Found New Matsuyama 2

    Abe lands 1 mdi.

    1450AD (T280-10)
    eAC used 5hp to kill the 1hp mdi (1-0) [15-1] {4}

    Attached Files:

  5. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    Abe lands 3 mdi and a LB. Sort of wish he would stop as I do not want to reduce his strength vs Alex. Abe also drops off a settler, a reg musket and an mdi in the far NW corner.

    1455AD (T281-1)
    Found New Sapporo 2
    Stick a cav in the 5th and kill the musket and mdi (2-0). They were on a hill.
    eAC kills mdi (3-0).
    eArcher kills mdi (4-0). Now I can send units from anywhere.
    eMDI gets one (5-0).
    eArcher kills LB (6-0).

    Abe lands 2 rifles and an mdi.

    1460AD (T282-2)
    Switch ToE to factory with an overrun of 60 shields. Will put up a plant and then I can still make the Toe in the same 10 turns I had left to go, but will have a better city. No one started ToE anyway. No one has SciMeth.

    China shows up on the coast, DOW. They are with Henry and Cathy way back.
    eMDI kills rifle (1-0).
    eAC kills rifle (2-0).
    eCav kills mdi (3-0) [9-0].

    Two Greek cavs land.

    1465AD (T283-3)
    Found New Hakodate 2
    Two eCavs kills the cavs (2-0) [11-0]

    1470AD (T284-4)

    Alex lands 7 cavs.

    1475AD (T285-5)
    Found New Ise 2
    5th kills 2 (2-0).
    2nd kills 2 (4-0).
    3rd kills one (5-0).
    Two eCavs kills the last 2 (7-0).

    Abe lands 2 rifles and a settler in the NW.

    1480AD (T286-6)
    eCav kills rifle (1-0).
    eAC kills rifle (2-0). Take settler.

    1485AD (T287-7)
    Found New Toyama 2

    1490AD (T288-8)

    1495AD (T289-9)
    Found New Fukushima 2

    1500AD (T290-10)
    Found New Suo 2
    Frigate sinks Carrack by Tokyo 2. (1-0).
    [23-0] {11}
  6. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    Henry left 3 LB, mix reg and vet.
    Abe drops 2 mdi and a LB next to Henry.

    1505AD (T291-1)
    We only have 1 Oil and it is not yet connected.

    Found New Bizen 2
    eArcher kills US LB (1-0).
    eArcher kills mdi (2-0).
    eAC gets last one (3-0).
    Two eCavs kills Portugal LB (5-0)
    eAC kills last one (6-0).

    Abe dropped a rifle.
    Alex 4 cavs.

    1510AD (T292-2)
    Found New Echizen 2
    I am still finding places to stick in a town, but the continent is covered now.
    Two eCavs kill cavs (2-0).
    Two eAC kill cavs (4-0).
    eCav kills rifle (5-0).
    Wow another 22 elite wins, 56 yields 1 leader so far?

    Abe lands 4 rifles.

    1515AD (T293-3)
    5th kills a rifle (1-0).
    eCav kills rifle (2-0).
    eAC kills rifle and Leader (3-0).
    eMDI kills last one (4-0) [9-0] {1}.

    Alex lands 2 cavs.

    1520AD (T294-4)
    Found New Izumi 2 [/COLOR
    Found New Omi 2
    eCav kills cav (1-0).
    eAC Kills cav (2-0).

    1525AD (T295-5)

    1530AD (T296-6)
    switch to AT as ToE coming.
    Too lazy to change all the scientist to tax. 138x2 gold gone.

    1535AD (T297-7)
    Take AT and Electronic.
    Start Hoovers. No pre as no location could really do it, unless I started long ago. Just not that big a deal.

    Sink a Carrack on the way to NE (1-0).
    Found New Echigo 2
    Found New Kozuke 2

    Some action at sea. Looked like two attacks on privateers.

    1540AD (T298-8)
    Found New Sado 2

    1545AD (T299-9)
    Found Kyoto 3
    Frigate sinks Greek frigate (1-0).
    3/3 frigates sinks privateer and is now a vet (2-0).
    Frigate sinks privateer (3-0). These are in the NE.
    Waiting for upgrdes to invade.

    Mao lands a reg arccher, very scary.
    Alex a lone cav.

    1550AD (T300-10)
    Frigate sinks privateer (1-0).
    eCav kills cv (2-0).
    eMDI kills archer (3-0).
    [18-0] {7}
  7. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    Greeks drop 3 riles.

    1555AD (T301-1)
    eCav kills rilfe (1-0).
    eCav kills rifle (2-0).
    eAC kills rifle (3-0).

    1560AD (T302-2)
    Frigate kills a Greek caravel (1-0).
    Rush the harbor so I can upgrade boats.

    Alex lands infantry, guerilla and 2 cavs.
    Abe lands 3 rifles.

    1565AD (T303-3)
    Found Osaka 3
    Upgrade all spear for about 2200. Going to go next turn on Russia.
    Upgrade my two swords and 4 or 5 archers.
    Upgrade 19 pikes for about 1900.
    Upgrade my galleon to xports for 900.
    I still have 18 mdi, but not much gold left.
    Fill 6th, 7th and 8th with four cavs.
    8th kills 2 cavs and an infantry (3-0).
    eCav kills Guer (4-0).
    3rd kills rifle (5-0).
    2nd kills rifle (6-0).
    eCav kills last rifle and so sweet
    Leader (7-0). Form and fill 9th.

    Abe lands 3 rifles and Henry a LB.

    1570AD (T304-4)
    4th kills rifle (1-0).
    eCav kills rifle (2-0).
    eCav kills rifle and
    Leader (3-0).
    eAC kills LB (4-0) [15-0]

    LAND on Russia with 5 4x Cav armies, 2 3xsami+cav.
    29 infantry
    2 cav
    6 guerilla

    15750AD (T305-5)
    10th kills spear in Magadan (1-0).
    9th kills spear and captures town (2-0).
    Use a transport disband for a wall.
    I did get a harbor with the town, so that is very useful.

    Found Tokyo 3
    Found Edo 3

    Rats it is a tiny island.
    5th kills 2 spears and captures Kazan (3-0).
    6th kills 2 spears and captures Krasnoyarsk (4-0).
    Send over a few units to hold the island after we leave.
    Russia gone

    Score is 2385 to America's second of 1555. Greece is in the 1300's.

    I am not sure who attacked the stack of frigates with an ironclad, but it was sunk. I think it was Alex, but US has a blue as well. They are just different shades.

    1580AD (T306-6)
    I forgot to mention there is oil on this island.

    1585AD (T307-7)
    Found Satsuma 3

    1590AD (T308-8)
    Send the troops out less 6 units for the missing transport.
    Switched a few build to planes.
    Dropped down 4 or 5 airfields on the homeland. Will put one up on the island next turn.

    Mass Prod in 4 at 80%.
    I should have made another pass for scientist, but too lazy and not really needed.

    1595AD (T309-9)
    Found Kagoshima 3
    Landed next to Canton with the same 7 armies.
    26 infantry
    5 guerilla

    1600AD (T310-10)
    frigate sinks a frigate and goes elite. These 4 boats have been here for a long time and are all redlined.
    The AI just left them there. (1-0).
    4th used 7hp to kill a spear in Canton (2-0). Punishment meant he has to fight again. It lost 3hp to a 2hp spear (3-0).
    5th kills a spear and a lb and captures Canton. Start a rax (5-0).
    Disband a transport to finish rax. Send a few transports to mainland.
    Cleaning started on the volcano crud. Two have been active. One twice, that I witnessed.
    [24-0] {3}


    Attached Files:

  8. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    Mao sends 7 crap units to Canton.

    1605AD (T311-1)
    Disband 2 transports to rush a harbor.
    Sell the coal plant. The other two factories did not get a plant.
    Found Nara 3
    5 guerilla kills units and an infantry does (6-0).
    8th clears town and one spear outside (8-0).

    Mao lands 3 LB by capitol.

    1610AD (T312-2)
    Motor in 4.
    Send over the first figher.
    Frigate sinks caravel by Canton (1-0).
    Disband 3 transport and 20 gold to rush airport.
    Rush arty and settler in the old Russian island for less than 75.
    eCav, eAC and eCav kill LB (4-0).
    8th kills the spear by Canton (5-0).
    6th kills 2 units in the field and spots a city. (7-0)
    7th kills spear and LB and spot Shanghai (9-0).

    Greek border is next to Canton, but Alex has sent no troops.

    7 Greek cav died not making a dent on the 4th in Canton (7-0)
    12 infantry are at the door. Half took a hit passing armies.

    1615AD (T313-3)
    Not listing towns any further.
    Disband last 2 transport in Canton and 40 gold rushed the civil defense. Not that it is needed, just to reduce chances of losses.
    Airlift 4 cavs to Canton.
    Use all the armies to kill the 12 units (12-0).
    No armies in town as I do not want to risk them in a fight on defense.

    1620AD (T314-4)
    Two frigates red the clad and bomber sinks it (1-0).
    Cav kills C-LB (2-0).
    Cav kills P-LB (3-0).
    Cav kills C-LB, goes elite (4-0).
    Alex has rails on all the tiles I can see, why no troops?

    Crappy IT. Two destroyers sink the two frigates (0-2).
    A cav kills an infantry in Canton (0-3). Mind you, this city has a Civil Defense.
    Another cav retreats. Three cavs die and we get one elite (3-3).
    BTW the infantry was the only elite one.

    1625AD (T315-5)
    Red one of Abe's frigates and a bomber sinks it off Izumo (1-0).
    eCav, only one on the new land, kills cav and
    Leader (2-0).
    Form 11th.
    Cav kills cav and goes elite (3-0).
    Cav kills P-lb (4-0).
    Cav kill second one and goes elite (5-0).

    3 cavs attack (2-0-1) [50-3].

    1630AD (T316-6)
    Made the science pass to get more beakers.
    eCav barely kills 1hp cav (1-0). Only Alex has cavs afaik.
    4/5 cav kills P-LB and
    Leader (2-0).
    Form 12th and add the unit to 11th. Move 11th out of town, so no defending. It is 2x right now.
    They have 13 infantry next to Canton. Again only Alex has infantry.

    Great, they lost 10 infantry and we gained 5 elites (10-0) [62-3].
    Of course they cut the improvements. I had rushed a settler so I could let the armies move out next turn.
    Will need a wall as we drop below city size.

    1635AD (T317-7)
    Two bombers from Canton sink a DD that was bombarding us. (1-0).
    Sink a G-frigate of a convoy on the east mainland coast with a bomber (2-0).
    Must be a sub in the one coastal tile of Canton as I no longer have resources. Will slam in a temple next to get a border pop. I was trying to get a rail or two down to get more food.

    America is down 7 techs right now. Greeks do not have Sanitation, a bit of a shock and sucks. I would like them to research that and not move ahead to next age so fast. They look to have just gotten flight and are probably on Mass Prod or going back for Sanitation I can hope. I have some flaks coming out on the IBT.

    I cut back on settler production as I think this will be a slash and burn now. Tanks are two turns in the factory towns.

    Two cavs both retreat and three infantry die (3-0-2) [67-3]

    1640AD (T318-8)
    Rush a temple in Canton.
    Tanks and flak fly to Canton now. Convoy still sits by our capitol.
    Bomber picks off another frigate (1-0).
    Bombers sink DD by canton (2-0).
    Frigates get another G-frig in NE (3-0).
    BTW resource available again.

    5 inf die on Canton (5-0) [75-3].
    The Greeks land 4 units at the capitol.

    1645AD (T319-9)
    Sink three more boats (3-0).
    One bomber attack and it kills a bomber, yuk (3-1).
    Put fighters on defense now.
    Nice eCav kills inf on mainland and
    Leader (4-1).
    Rush a uni with leader.
    eCav kill one (5-1).
    Cav kill last one (6-1).
    eAC kills the cav (7-1).
    Tank kills two full heaqlth infantry and is elite (9-1).
    Tank kills inf and wew clear Canton for now (10-1).
    So time to sally forth with the armies.
    5 armies kill 4 inf and a cav at Pharlos (sp) and raze it for 50 gold, 5 slaves and 2 arty.
    4 bombers it looked like (19-1) [94-4].
    Softening them up a bit.
    Rush a couple of settler so I can send a shipment over and then no more settlers on mainland.

    3 cavs die on Canton (3-0). [97-4]
    Henry lands a Cav on mainaland.

    1650AD (T320-10)
    I finally go ahead and use 2 CE's in Omi to get up an aqua. Do not need more support, so have not bothered to make cities. Not concerned about extra specialist much as they cannnot catch up now.

    Sink 2 Carracks (2-0).
    Sink 2 A-frigates (4-0).
    eAC kills cav (5-0).
    Sink G-frigate (6-0).
    2 armies move to Sparta and disband a few slave they picked up.
    2 armies kill spears in Bejing (8-0).
    Whoops 8th was also able to reach Bejing and kill a spear (9-0).
    Tank kills inf at Canton (10-0) [107-4]


    Attached Files:

  9. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    5 units die on Canton and 4 cavs retreat (5-0).

    1655AD (T321-1)
    Sink A-galleon and 2 A-frigates (3-0).
    sink G-frigate (4-0).
    Bomber kills redlined inf by Canton (5-0).
    3rd kills 2 A-guerilla by capitol (7-0).
    2nd kills 2 A-rifles (9-0).
    eCav kills last rifle (10-0).

    10th kills 2 spears and razed Bejing for 2 gold and 5 slaves (12-0). It had at least the Great Wall.
    6th and 8th kills spears in Shanghai (14-0).
    eRank kills H-cav (15-0).
    eCav kills G-cav (16-0).
    12th now has 4 tanks and kills 2 infantry and a C-LB (19-0).
    Guerilla kills C-LB (20-0).
    5th comes out the back to clear the last C-LB (21-0).
    Did not want the LB to cut road. 5th and 4th are blocking tile to feed town for now.
    11th and 7th kills 2 inf and a cav, whie razing Sparta for 65 gold and 5 slaves [24-0].

    5 more die on the tank army in Canton (5-0).
    I did not want to leave them in town, but no movement. I want to elite infantry to have a shot at leaders.
    Now I will have to upgrade them.

    1660AD (T322-2)
    eTank kills 2 C-LB (2-0).
    Tank kills one (3-0).
    eCav kills one (4-0).
    6th kills 2 spears and razed Shanghai (6-0). Skipping recording slaves and gold.
    Upgrade 23 infantry in Canton.
    Rush rax on island so I can upgrade infantry there as well.

    Switch to Seti in capitol.

    3 more die and MI gets in some action (3-0).

    1665AD (T323-3)
    All pollution removed now.
    12th kills 3 inf (3-0).
    eTank retreats from 3/4 inf.
    Tank kills the now 2/4 inf (4-0).
    Tank kills 2/4 inf and Canton is clear (5-0).
    eCav kills C-LB (6-0).

    Found town on new land and move settler for another.
    The one gets Dyes and the other will get us close to Silk.
    10th kills spear in Xinjian (7-0)

    1670AD (T324-4)
    Bomber gets inf (1-0).
    More upgraded inf.
    MI kills G-Cav (2-0).
    eRank kills inf (3-0).
    eCav kills G-cav (4-0).
    8th kills C-LB and P-cav, then a worker (6-0).
    Park 4th or 5th on a dye just in case.
    10th kills 4 spears and razed Xinjing (10-0).
    It took 6th, 7th, 11th and 12th to clear Athens of 9 inf (19-0). Well some help from bombers.
    It had at least Suffage.
    Drop lux to zero with 6 lux now. Up research to cut off a turn. I may have forgotten to put it back at the start.
    Funny the 8th has workers on 6 tiles around it. Alex best get them off the street.

    2 G-cav die on Shim #3 and MI goes elite. I had rushed wall, but won't be in effect yet. (2-0) [64-0]

    16750AD (T325-5)
    eTank kills inf (1-0). Healing time.

    1680AD (T326-6)
    12th and 8th kill 4 spears and raze Nanking (4-0).
    eTank kills 2 A-guerillas (2-0).
    Tank kills one and a second tank does as well (4-0).
    eCav kills P-LB (5-0).
    Upgrade elite inf in Canton.
    Found another town and next town will grab wines.
    Bomb to death a MARINE (6-0).
    4th kills the infantry (7-0).
    6th, 11th and 7th kill 3 inf and a MARINE in Knossos and raze it (11-0).

    2 A-cavs die on newest town, where wall was not up till next turn (2-0).

    16850AD (T327-7)
    Spot Henry with a musket/settler and 5th whacks them (1-0).
    eTank kills inf and an A-guer (3-0).
    Tank copied that (5-0).
    Tank goes red kills A-guer (6-0).
    Dang, tank retreats from guer.
    Tank goes red killing guer (7-0).
    Slight improvement as tank goes yellow (8-0).
    Being old sucks. My poor vision and I failed to see I was attacking across a river and of course they had the autobombardment. Going to fight from another location.
    Did not help as 4/5 tank barely won (9-0).
    12th kills (all are from USA) rifle and 2 guer (12-0).
    10th kills 3 guer (15-0).
    8th kills 3 and only 3 left (18-0).
    They must like that town.
    11th clears them (21-0) [99-0]

    1690AD (T328-8)
    2 eTanks kill A-guer (2-0).
    Upgrade my 7 guer to ToW. Now I have extra attackers and plane defense.
    Upgrade fighter to jets, both of them.

    2 cav die (2-0) [103-0]

    1695AD (T329-9)
    eTank kills A-rifle (1-0).
    Tank kills the other one (2-0), then goes to another town and kills A-guer (3-0).
    Goes elite of course with two wins in sucession.
    Tank kills two as well and goes elite (5-0).
    Another tank does the same feat (7-0).
    4/5 tank clears last one (8-0).
    Drop town on wine.
    Four armies take out 6 inf and raze Delphi with at least Shakes (14-0).
    Kill 3 inf in Tsingtao and raze it (17-0).
    Kill 3 musket in Lagoos (sp) and raze it (20-0).

    Greece does not have tanks, but when they get it they get a modern tech as well. I sure hope it is not Computers.
    Upgrade flaks to Sams and upgrade the last of the infantry. Still have a warrior and 18 MDI.

    1700AD (T330-10)
    eTank kills P-musket and A-guer (2-0).
    ecav kill A-guer (3-0).
    5th clears camp.
    7th killed P-cav onGrreek soil (4-0).

  10. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    1705AD (T331-1)
    Bomber kills A-rifle (1-0).
    Funny I just finished 3 cruise missiles and got to sink 3 A-frigates off the Western mainland coast (4-0).
    7th runs over 2 slaves and then kills 2 muskets and a cav razing Oporto (7-0).
    11th kills 2 spears in Tientsin (9-0).
    8th does the same and razed it (11-0). Last two towns of Mao's were replacement capitols. Use last settler and grab Gems, now have all 8 lux. Park 2 MI on each gem tile.

    1710AD (T332-2)
    Use my new jet (third and last) to bust fog on NE and see why USA has been sending ships as I see their color.

    Use two eTanks to kill inf. They took no damage, but do not want to expose them (2-0).
    Tank bust a camp. Not often you get to say that.
    12th kills 3 inf and razed a greek city. I missed the name. Got another free arty. Just for fyi it gave 165 gold. (5-0).
    The army only lost 2hp. I noticed the last inf was a reg, but did not notice the first two. I had 3 more armies ready. The Greeks have massive area with no towns all railed.

    1715AD (T333-3)
    Just seem to be short about 70-90 beaker per turn to stay at 4 turns.
    Syn Fibers
    Basically it is caused by not being willing to max towns to cities and not filling the new land with towns. If I went around and made more aqua, I would have more scientist by now. 30-50 extra towns in the new land could have been done. I also did not make armies for the last, many many turns. So I am mostly using 5 armies to take down towns, with the other 2 helping here and there.

    Modern armor will let me up the pressure as well. I am only using four cities to make to make tanks. The capitol is not making troops, it has been making wonders or other things.

    I just noticed that the slow build of the Seti was due to one citizen going off to research. My fault, I forgot that troops did land on the tile and I did not check to see what the lazy pop was doing. That was probably before Seti. Oh well, there is nothing they can do.

    11th kills inf in Argos (1-0).
    6th killed a 3/3 inf (2-0).
    10th killed a 3/3 drop to 7hp and I had to go back to 6th (3-0).
    6th killed conscript inf and razed it (4-0).
    Now 7th can cover.
    eTank kills a marine near gems town. (5-0).
    Use arty and bomber to kill another marine (6-0).
    Three elite tanks each kill a damage A-rifle (9-0).

    1720AD (T334-4)
    eCav kills marine (1-0).
    7th, 8th and 12 kills 3 inf and raze Chengdu (4-0). Had a DD and arty (5-0).
    That town controlled rubber. They may have another. I had a tank clear a camp and another kill a Greek worker.
    It was going to colonize wines.
    Don't know why the AI makes privateers, but a cruise sunk one (6-0).
    Bombed the A-guer and 3 etanks kill them far from town (9-0).

    17250AD (T335-5)
    America dropped 2 towns down,
    Bomber and a cruise sink A-frigates (2-0).
    Went back to logging ships.
    eCav kills another marine by Toyama 3 (3-0).
    Rats, eTanks kill 6 Americans (9-1).
    By Ise #3, 1 killed 2 and no damage, 1 lost another killed 2.
    Tank kill rifle and autorazed US town (10-1).
    4th covers.
    Tank killed A-guer near LA (11-1). Covered by 5th.
    11th kills rifle and autorazed LA (12-1).
    Elite bombers had redlined both towns.

    1730AD (T336-6)
    Lux to 10 do not need more gold.
    eTank kill marine (1-0).
    Tank kills A-guer (2-0) covered by 5th.
    MI kills redlined barb in Toyama #3, not to common.
    Tank finds the camp and clears it and goes elite.
    12th kills inf in Thessalonica (3-0).
    8th kills 2 and razed it (5-0). I did note the last one was a conscript.
    eAC kills cav at capitol (6-0). wish I had 2 cruise for some red boats. Yes I put the pop back to work.

    17350AD (T337-7)
    Bomber sink A-frigate in NW (1-0).
    All workers retired on mainalnd now.
    A pair MI clear barb camp. Why barbs on AW?
    eCav kills marine by Canton (2-0).
    Tank clears wine colony they finally snuck in on me.
    11th kills musket in Lisbon (3-0).
    6th, 7th and 10th kill inf in Rhoades (6-0).
    I capture till I move the army out. Then sell off stuff and abandon. Two arty ping DD's, these were in the town.

    17400AD (T338-8)
    Bomb a marine by Canton (1-0).
    Cruise sink a carrack that has been slowly going from west to east (2-0).
    eCav kills P-cav and
    Leader (3-0).
    Rush a Lab in Edo. Not bothered to make labs as the places that could use one are making things.
    I upgrade all units, even the warrior, except 4 elite tanks. I had 8 elites, but only keep 4.
    There is still one elite AC.
    Bomber kills A-rifle (4-0).
    eTank kills one (5-0).
    11th killed 3 muskets and a spear razing Port town (9-0).
    I ran it down to 5hp as 5th can cover and it can go heal in town next turn.
    8th nearly dies on inf in Mycenae (10-0).
    12th kills inf (11-0)
    9th kills one and I click install by mistake, so I abandon town after selling things (12-0). [70-1]

    1745AD (T339-9)
    eTank kills 2 A-guer (2-0).
    eTank kills 1 (3-0).
    Seti finished.
    Two MA kill 2 A-rifles and 2 guer (7-0). Both go elite.
    1750AD (T330-10)
    Two eTanks kill A-guer (2-0). These are troops 10 or so tiles away form Ise 3 heading that way.
    Bomber sink A-frigate and goes elite (3-0).
    I sold the civil def long ago. I sold airport now as I made an airfield. I had waited till there was little chance they would try to swamp it.
    12th kills 2 inf in Therm (5-0)
    MA kills one, MA kills one, MA dies (7-1). I think I misclicked and sent in a damage MA as the next MA was full health. It kills conscript rifle after 9th killed 2 inf (10-1).
    Then 9th kills last 1hp inf and razed town (11-1).
    Three MA attack KC, 2 rifles killed, one MA retreated (14-1).

  11. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    Barb warrior attacks an MI, funny.

    17552AD (T341-1)
    3 MI clear 2 camps.
    MA kills P-cav and A-guer, goes elite (2-0).
    MA kills 2 guer, goes elite (4-0).
    Two eTanks each kill guer (6-0).

    1754AD (T342-2)
    eMA kills A-guer (1-0).
    Two MA kills rifles in Baltimore and raze it, with at least one boat (4-0).
    Corinth see eMA kill inf, eMA die on one, MA kill inf and guer (7-1), goes elite.
    6th kill one guer and then struggles with the next one, but captures it (9-1).
    Move it out, sell things and abandon. It has at least a settler and it had the KT.

    1756AD (T343-3)
    Recycle in 4.
    I wasted my time on Fisson as UN is not allowed. I think that for AW you have to allow UN and Culture. The AI cannot win AWM, but may be able to get a vote. AME it could win and above that it is likely to win. Not having to be concerned about flips helps the human in AW, it just lets you capture towns for no risk.

    eTank kills marine (1-0).
    3 MI clear 2 camps.
    10th kills musket in Emerita (Port) (2-0).
    8th kills 2 and razed it (4-0).
    eMA kills A-guer and
    Leader (5-0).
    Form and fill 13th. Happiness is a MA army. yeah.
    eMA kills 2 A-guer (7-0).
    11th kills musket in Guimaraes (8-0).
    eMA kills A-guer and
    Leader (9-0).
    Form 14th, put 3 in.
    Sink privateer with cruise (10-0).
    Upgrade elite tanks as I need more MA and not more armies.
    I see USA is finally sending out infantry.

    1758AD (T344-4)
    Cruise sinks Ironclad, USA I think (1-0).
    13th kills 3 inf in Greek city I did not get the name (4-0).
    12th kills guer and razed the place (5-0).
    I am sending transports around as I see borders over water.
    2 MA kill rifles in Houston (7-0).
    eMA kills A-guer and inf (9-0).
    6th, 9th and 14th kill units and raze Guimaraes (12-0).
    I am putting rails up to complete a path to these lands.

    1760AD (T345-5)
    eMA kills A-guer (1-0).
    eMA kills 2 more (3-0).
    Clear more camps, not report further on them.
    Disband about a dozen native workers to give more room for unit support. I can add about 40 more units. I just did not want to have to check on it and I have scores of workers and slaves. I have been disbanding newly aguired slaves after they make a road on the tile of the old city.
    Cruise sink A-Iron (4-0).

    1762AD (T346-6)
    Crusie sinks A-iron (1-0).
    MA killed A-rifle in Chi town (2-0).
    MA get guer (2-0).
    MA kills 2 and goes elite, razing Chicago (4-0).
    14th kills musket and cav razing Sagres (Port) (6-0).
    14th kills A-guer for good measure (7-0).
    12th kills rilfe and guer (9-0).
    10th and 8th kill rifles in St lou (11-0).

    1764AD (T347-7)
    May want a long range bomber and recon, sure do not need the other stuff.
    13th kills 4 (iirc 3 rifle and a guer) razed St Lou (4-0).
    6th kills guer (5-0).
    14th kills rifle in Buffalo (6-0).
    11th kills one and razed Buffalo (7-0).
    Ship a small force to an island I see borders from Nara 2.

    1766AD (T348-8)
    12th kills rifle in New Orleans (1-0).
    6th kills rifle in Denver (2-0).
    9th kills 2 and razed it (4-0).
    Land 4 MI, 2 arty and 2 MA. Cover by 2nd and 3rd.
    Two of Mao's towns and maybe a Greek here.
    Cruise sinks Ironclad (5-0). Redlined another, but no missiles right now.

    1768AD (T349-9)
    What a dummy, had a bomber near there. Oh well, I spot it and make up for that (1-0).
    12th kills 2 rifles and razed N.O. (3-0).
    13th kills rifle in Miami (4-0).
    10th also (5-0).
    8th kills 2 guer and razed it (7-0).
    3 MI kill spear and take Anyang (10-0).
    MA kills 2 and grabs Shantung (12-0).
    The other town is American. So we have at least another island with China and Greek or more than one island.

    17700AD (T350-10)
    Kill 2 rifles and a spear and autoraze the American town to clear the island. Slaves arrive now to road and such. (3-0).
    12th kills 2 rifles and razed Cincy (5-0).
    13th kills a rifle in Det (6-0).
    14th kills inf, rifle and guer. Razing Philly (9-0).
    eMA kills rifle (10-0) at semi choke.
    eMA kills 2 guer (12-0).


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  12. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Spoiler :

    1772AD (T351-1)
    12th kills musket in Coimbra (1-0).
    8th kills musket and LB and razed it (3-0).

    Henry gone
    Not sure what happened by trying to cut/paste to notepad I cause at least two armies to move around.
    13th kills rifle and razed Det (4-0).
    eMA and eCav each kill guer (6-0).
    eMA dies in DC (6-1).
    Next 4 MA win, one goes elite (10-1).
    7th kills 2 guer and captures DC with three wonders (12-1). Decide to have a town on this end of the world.

    1774AD (T352-2)

    Space Flight
    eMA kills guer (1-0).
    14th kills guer and I do not see any units in the field (2-0).

    1776AD (T353-3)
    Uprising near Toyama 3. I found it, with 32 barbs it looks like.
    9th kills 3 rifles in Seattle (3-0).
    10th kills 1 and razed it (4-0).
    14th kills 4 in Boston (8-0).
    13th kills one and razed it (9-0).
    Clear the camp.

    1778AD (T354-4)
    14th kills a wandering guer (1-0).
    6th kills 2 more (3-0).

    1780AD (T355-5)
    Two eMA kill 3 guer (3-0).
    lost a stack of workers I forgot to cover. They were just going to park anyway.
    3 armies kill 4 in NYC and raze it (7-0).
    2 armies kill 3 and raze SF (9-0).
    This continent is clear of all except maybe barbs.

    1782AD (T356-6)

    Stealth fighter recon an island with Dallas and a Chinese town (Macao). I drop an airfield in range and send 2 bombers to it. A small fleet is nearing the greek border. Will pick up 3 armies.

    1784AD (T357-7)
    Bomber sinks boat in Macao, Army kills a wandering guer (2-0).

    1786AD (T358-8)
    landed on Ephesus, hope it is the last one they have.

    Privateer attacked fleet and a transport sunk it (1-0) [38-1]

    1788AD (T359-9)
    13th, 14th and 12th kill 5 and capture Eph (5-0) [43-1]
    1783 gold, rush harbor and will heal.

    1790AD (T360-10)

    1792AD (T361-11)
    Fleet is off. Fly over an MA and MI to Eph, after a popped out a worker made an airfield.

    1794AD (T362-12)
    Bombers have killed all units in Macao.

    1796AD (T364-13)
    Sold all factories, but one making Apollo.

    1800AD (T366-15)
    12th takes Macao.
    14th takes Dallas and Abe is gone.
    Mao as a tundra island that I sent an army to, but will not play that last bit of agony out.

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