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Cracked Civ3ConquestsEdit - v1.22 2016-10-05

Apr 5, 2002
first of all i hate using word "hack" related to programs, games, etc. but "cracked" which would be IMHO a better word suggests a connection to piracy :rolleyes:

anyway, few days ago i bought C3C and lokked into the editor. this is what i found:
-n the improvemetns tab there are new options: "Acts as General Telepad" and "Charm Barrier"
-units tab: many new, previously hidden optiosn like "Telepad Range" or "Charm"
-every tab contains 'Add" and "Delete" buttons... i made them visible, but that does not mean i made them working...
-"difficulty levels" tab now has a working "Delete" button... however there's an interesting text also: "Do not delete any difficulty levels unless permitted by law"...
-in the "scenario properties" strange "Campaign" text as well as a counter...

current cracked editor comes from 1.22

here you'll find the "cracked/hacked" editor (490kB, ZIP'ped)

Oh, and have you tested what charm is, and why have you made most listboxes flat?
nope, i haven't tested it yet... i'm now doing some translations ;).

i've no idea why the listboxes are flat - i haven't flatten them... just haven't noticed. that does not corrupt anything, i think...

Did some tests with teleport and this is how it seems to work:

A unit that has the teleportability can teleport to a unit with the telepad ability, that is listed among it's legal telepads, and is within the telepad range or to a building with the telepad ability (infinte range).

When you teleport to a unit that unit loses one hitpoint, and you can't teleport to a unit with only one hitpoint

A unit that have the conditions met for doing a teleport will have a icon with a T in it, that says unused control, which does the real teleporting
the unused control text is in labels.txt, but there seems to be no shortcut assosiated with teleport
I'm not sure, but when it's in there will be mods that can take advantage of it. ;)
the only time i can think of teleporting, it's when you buy workers from the enemy... they magically appear in your capital.

but that would imply the teleporting would be around sind vanilla civ3 ;)

maybe we should ask firaxis?
Teleporting occupy new (C3C) spots of the BIQ files, so it's not been around since vanilla Civ3.
Originally posted by Gogf
Why did they include this teleport ability at all, is my question.

That'd be telling.
is that the the thread which has been around for months trying to figure out... well... yumbo? :lol:
Now I'm sorrry I brough it up... It's a breakaway games joke that sprung up during the beta of C3C, or so my sources say.
Great finds!

I tried the Charm, but couldn't make sense of it. It requires an unit with bombardment values. My unit did destroy improvements but it had no effect on units and cities (capital and non capital).

My best guess is that it would allow capturing enemy units, but either it requires a set combination of flags or it doesn't work.

Teleportation is very useful and hopefully it works in future patches too.
I think that Charm is related to city bombardment (as buildings can have charm resistance)

Therefore my best guess is that it might improve the chances of cultural conversion to you if you bombard a city with charm. However, sush a thing is hard to try out.
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