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Jul 10, 2006
Chicago area in Illinois
I have finally downloaded the cracked editor, and the primary thing that I see so far is that teleportation works. For those who have used this editor, how have you found teleportation to affect the game in terms of game play? I tend to be a bit cautious with experiments of this nature. I have my own problems with my creations biting me back quite hard.

Second, are there any other affects of the cracked editor that I have missed in my initial overview?
timerover51, the charm attack (weaking of defense values in land unit stacks by a special bombardment) is another very interesting feature, that was - as far as I know - revealed with the Polish hacked editor. The most important information in my eyes is, that both options (teleporting and charm attack) are comfortably enabled in the Quintillus editor, too.

Here is a screenshot about the units in the Quintillus Editor:

Quintillus Editor.jpg

In my eyes the Legal Building Telepads are of no practical use for my mods and scenarios. The legal Unit Telepads can be used as mobile army groups (or something like that) with fast limited reinforcement by other units. In earlier versions of my scenarios I tested them for amphibious invasions, too, but here the Flintlock mod offers much better solutions.
Greetings Civinator, thank you for your answer. I will have to check if the version of Quintillus' editor that I can run has that.

I cannot use Flintlock's modification as that is not compatible with the CD version of Civ3 that I use.
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As Quintillus editor has the teleport capability, I will be experimenting with teleports and post results here. I am approaching this a bit more cautiously that some of my other experiments. Like boosting the Dinosaurs.
Well, my first attempt at using units that could teleport ended up crashing with no teleportation. Against that, I have had troubles with this biq file before, so more testing with another biq file is in order.
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