Cultural Victory bug?!


Sep 28, 2002
Hi everyone, yesterday I started a game with the Etiopians, I was heading for a space race victory when suddently ... Hatshepsut Wins a Cultural Victory ! When I look at top 5 cities, the first city is Memphis (egyptian city) followed by two of my cities (Aksum & Athens), and finally two other egyptian cities (Thebes, Heliopolis). The problem is, my two cities in the top #3 DONT have legendary culture. Just before she wins the log says "Thebes has achieved cultural victory". Does this has something to do with a change in BtS or its just a bug? If I had knew she was close to a cultural victory before I would have invade her for sure. Heres a save


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the top 5 cities arent only about culture, they are about size and wonders and culture and some other factors too. you need to check the victory conditions screen to see if a rival iis close to cultural victory
Oops. I tought they were only about culture, thanks for the clarification
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