Koreans Cultural Victory 1.17


Dec 18, 2021
The Khanate of Kazan
As you all know, Korea has terreble culture rating -50%.
While playing the Space race victory game I discovered that Korea can easily win in Cultural Victory (and any civs).
To do so, you need to build the Habor Opera - which gives +100% to the Culture Bomb in any city.
So, a great artist in the digital era will give us 16800 culture points, that is, to make a city with a legendary level of culture - you need only 5 great artists. For three cities, respectively 15 - which in principle is achievable, but in reality you will need about 10 artists.
With Koreans UP - double slot for specialist in capital - you can run 20 artist in city with Republic and Egalitarianism and 2 more from Louvre (must have thing in Seoul, you need more sea food with Tsukiji market). Also you maybe need move capital from city to city and use Tolerance, but just pumping great artist be much easy

My 3 best cultural city, while playing normal game. I need 2GA for Seoul, 3GA for Pyongyang and 5 for any other city. I got 4GA, while trying get great engineer))) Used them for Museum
Spoiler :

Spoiler Normal city culture :


Spoiler Culture with 20 artist and Tolerance :


Spoiler My second city culture :
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