Custom Leader Dialogue isn't showing during leader screen, nor is custom music playing


Sep 21, 2023
Hello everyone!
I'm creating my first modded civilization, and the only two things that are not working for me right now are my custom leader dialogue and the music.
With the leader dialogue, the first time I meet the civ, this is what I get:
Screenshot 2023-09-24 190627.png

I don't know what may be causing this as I've copied over Typhlomence's template and replaced the LEADER_LEADERNAME option with LEADER_BYLETH (which is the exact same way I defined the <LeaderType> in my leader xml file) then typed out the lines.
For example, after putting in <GameData> and <Language_en_US>:
Welcome to Garreg Mach Monastery. I am Byleth, Queen of The United Kingdom of Fodlan and Archbishop of The Church of Seiros. I hope that, with the blessing of the goddess Sothis, our two nations will always remain in peace. Now, what brings you to these sacred halls today?
Do I have to set the xml file I have this code in to VFS true? I have it set to onmodactivated and update database.
Edit: I also found the code for the biases for these responses and added that in as well and have that set to onmodactivated as well. Which changed nothing.

As for the music, I've been reading through Leugi's guide, even going as far as to copy that code over and edited what I needed to. I've set my mp3 music files to VFS true, and set that entire xml file to VFS true and onmodactivated/update database yet the music isn't playing.
Edit: I saw that I didn't have Reload Audio Sets on, so I turned that on and still nothing. I tried making a Soundtrack with 7 peace and 7 war tracks, and have that defined in my civ code all set to VFS True. Still nothing. All I get is the Civ V main theme looping endlessly.

I'm stumped on how to move forward, so any help would be greatly appreciated
Here's the updated link to my project (after I tried all the edits):
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