Custom map, TSL problems


Nov 20, 2023

Apologies for my english in advance.

I wanted to make a map a long time now so i started one, it's loosly based on how earth looks but just more different and spicy.
The inexperienced fool that i was made this map on map size enormous, i used YnAMP, which apparantly isn't supported or something, when i put in TSL they don't save with the map. So only after wasting 5 hours placing down every single plot I discovered this, completely defeated i lost all hope (i'm so not in the mood to make a new map on huge size).
Anyway, then i came across this forum discussing such problems and after using the YnAMP bit map converter and getting acquainted with "XML" and "SQL" files i still am not able to get it done. I feel like i'm missing something i have the XML file with all the X and Y axis of the starting locations, i just don't understand what to do now.

Could anyone help me out or show me how I need to make this work?

Truly desperate
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