Looking for somebody to walk me through/teach me the ropes of Civ 6 modding hopefully to help me get my start in modding this game.

Jun 14, 2022
Hello there! I am a new Modder to Civ and I only have one Civ mod for Civ V under my Belt So far, but I am seeking to make more Unique Civilizations, but I can really use some help as I can't quite find any good help on the steam forums.

Things I wanna do
Make custom civs
Make unique buildings, units and abilities, districts for them hopefully with custom animations and models.
Add new/tweak gameplay mechanics to make brand new ways to play this game.

These are all smaller goals compared to my biggest/Mega Goal. That being to Unleash the full might of My Imagination and create a sort of fantasy overhaul/scenarios for Civ 6(sorta like Empire of the smokey skies but more polished)
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