I could do that.

Do you think it would help if the oasis were shrunk down a bit?

the image was made by taking a screen shot of the desert inthe game with a lake in it and putting some shrubberies around it.
the red outline is a problem. one that I can easily fix. I hadn't actually seen the oasis in a game yet, so I wasn't aware of it. It probably doesn't need to be shrunk if the outline is gone.

thanks for bringing that to my attention.
the pic.

So when will you be done with the new gfx? I really like the floodplane rivers. Or is that the norm?
I use various gfx when i play. So i,ve never seen the orininals (or ever looked at them).
here is a new version of my resource images. I have gotten rid of that annoying pink edge.

I have added a few more since the last version in order to offer some choices.

these include:
an image of the cattle with a sheep and a pig


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here's what the pcx looks like


  • kal-els resources.gif
    kal-els resources.gif
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been busy. :)

I actually have them but was wondering, do you just want the cactuses and you can place them or do you want them already placed? I can also give you skeletal remains (ribs and cattle skull) if you are interested.

Did you check out the camel resource over in my more resources thread?
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