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Difficulty Level of Civ6 GOTM's?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by leif erikson, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Photi

    Photi Governor

    Oct 10, 2002

    While i hardly ever finish a GOTM, or a game for that matter, you make many good points that i am sure ring true for many longtime players. Civ the game is unique bc it is always the same game, with each new iteration mainly we get some updated graphics and with CivVI some updated mechanics (with city unstacking). Any other game couldn't survive with this level of sameness. When (if) Half Life 3 comes out, it better be different and funner than HL2. With Civ, it's been the same concept since the beginning. So for those of us who have been playing more than a few years, starting and then stopping all the mediocre maps tends to get tedious no doubt. I remember in IV there was a mod or whatever that would generate map script after map script and then save the files for those maps that met certain conditions the player set. That was cool, but have no idea how to begin to program something like this which to those with skills is probably easy to program.

    But yeah, i get what you mean by all the abandoned games.

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