Diffrent mods


May 6, 2012
Hey I just found the Fall from Heaven community today and I gotta say these are some of the most astounding mods I've ever seen! I'm a little bit confused though :crazyeye:

From what I can see Fall further builds on the main mod. Then im not sure about this part but do Erberus and Orbis build on fall further or are they completely diffrent mods?

I'm more interested in Erberus than Orbis, so what I'm really wondering is does Erberus build on further like a modmodmod? Or are they two diffrent mods with pretty diffrent features?

If they are diffrent what are the different features that might sway me from one to another?


Jul 21, 2009
Rise of Erberus started as a Mod Mod of Fall Futher (a FFH ModMod) and is a kind of More is More mod. (The team still do some fixes)
Then there was Wild Mana what changed to Master of Mana and is by now a complet different Fantasy Mod. (There is still ongoing development at this mod but sadly its prone to CTD if you play with many races)
Orbis was the Muliplayer friendliest mod mod of FFH

All this ModMods toke some different turns then FFH at some point.
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