Disabling a given builder improvement?


Jan 5, 2023
Hello! I'm relatively new to modding Civ and am working on creating a custom Civilization. I was wondering if there was a way to, as part of a civ's unique ability, prevent that civ from building a certain tile improvement (say Pastures or Fishing Boats for example).

I tried going through game files and saw some modifiers listed with an EffectType of EFFECT_ADJUST_PLAYER_VALID_IMPROVEMENT, but that seems to be used for enabling improvements, particularly those granted by City-States, and I'm not sure where to (or whether there is a way to) see where such EffectTypes are stored/set up.

Does anyone know of a way to either disable a given improvement for a civ, or to see how the EffectType mentioned above is set up so that a similar one can be created for disabling improvements?
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