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[C3C] Does Civ3 utilize modern GPUs at all?


Sep 23, 2006
I'm curious, my GPU is busted and if I play a game for too long I get a crash, this depends on the load on the GPU. Civ6 I crash in like 30 minutes, Civ5 I usually get 2-3 hours, with Civ3 I tested it and left if running for a full 24 hours and it never crashed.

So does Civ3 actually touch modern GPUs at all, does it just run from the CPU?

FX-8370 and RX480.
Civ3 was initially released in Oct 2001, before modern GPUs were widely available. My guess would be "no", Civ3 runs only on the CPU.
Civ3 was initially released in Oct 2001, before modern GPUs were widely available.
"widely available" is open to interpretation, but games requiring an at the time modern gpu were quite common in the late 1990s.

Civ3 does require an "DirectX® 8.0a-compatible video card".

It uses almost entirely windows GDI with a tiny bit of opengl. I think all drawing technically is done by the gpu these days but yeah, no polygons pushing here.

Here's a profile of my GPU, a RX 6700, over the course of launching Civ3 (around the middle of the graph), loading a rather large and busy save, and panning around madly. It barely registers.

^That chart and CoreCtrl look pretty cool. I have fond (rose-tinted?) memories of tweaking my GPU and CPU quite extensively back in the day, primarily using RivaTuner on the GPU side, and RightMark on the CPU side, though I experimented with various options for both of them. Part of the goal, naturally, was slowing down my system as much as possible to extend the battery life and thus enable me to play more turns of Civ before running out of juice. But IIRC, the lowest I could tune my GPU to was 100 MHz (from its default of 475 MHz) - 12 MHz was a pipe dream! I may have been able to play five more turns if I could have gone that low!

I also had no idea that such a UI-focused option was now available on Linux. There were various command-line options, but IIRC nothing anywhere remotely that user-interface friendly on the Linux front back when I was using Linux semi-frequently. For that matter, it's better than what Windows had then too.
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