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Donut World Migraine


Nov 16, 2011
I'm back playing Civ Rev again and I decided to try a few scenarios and maps. However as I've never excelled past warlord, that's usually where I play. Recently I tried the map Donut World on warlord, but I feel like the ai is ultra aggressive on this map. One time, barbarians killed my settler before I could, well, settle. Next, the Japanese asked for peace but then turned around and attacked my only city, winning in less than 5 minutes.

Recently I started a game as the English and ended up with the French to the north and Americans to the south. I wasn't close to water, but since I kept getting killed if I moved around too much, I settled London inland and got to work. Naps dropped a city just outside my border, but I immediately flipped it. Then both declared war on me because I didn't give them monarchy (which leads to feudalism and knights that could attack me).

Rushing archers, I sent them to my borders and created a wall all the way around, or so I thought. It's been so long, I forgot they can slip right past you by moving diagonally. Soon I had troops all over my lands, walking right past my fortified guards. I figured no big deal, my archers in the cities would obliterate them. But then a weird thing happened. No one attacked me. They just parked inside my borders and began blocking my resources. I'd expect that from humans but not ai. Finally, I created armies of knights and catapults and destroyed them. Finally they accepted navigation (which is useless because none of our cities is near enough to water), and we had peace.

I quickly sent armies to guard every inch of my borders and tried moving ahead in culture, since I hadn't gotten a culture win on warlord yet. However, even though we were under a treaty, Abe sent a bunch of troops who parked right in front of my guards, all over my borders. Naps followed, and suddenly enemy troops swarmed over the land in front of my borders.

Then the Germans appeared, didn't even ask for a treaty, and attacked. Now I'm defending against 3 opponents who are bent on parking outside my lands while taking occasional potshots. Finally, the winning goals screen appeared. The Greeks are way Way ahead in tech and culture, while the four of us are tied for second. Yet everyone's attacking me! I haven't contacted the Greeks yet so I can't declare war on them, in hopes of making them switch governments to slow them down. I can't get another civ to attack them because everyone is mad at me for some reason. And the second I send one army beyond my border, there are about a dozen troops ready to pounce.

I'm in 1950 and I need to stop the Greeks while surviving the American/German/French alliance. Is there anything I can do to turn things around? Or am I stuck defending until the end of the game? Because I can't expand much more, I'm kicking out gold and science at like 1-2 per turn and production is good but not great. I just got combustion and flight, but their cannons keep toppling my tanks.
Update. All 4 civs turned on me, but I managed to hold my ground and win by points at the end. I still don’t remember the ai being that aggressive, especially when another civ was close to winning.

For the record though, Greece finding and declaring war on me probably helped because it managed to slow them down.
What’s your strategy? How quickly are you getting your initial units out? Make sure that you’re not using food tiles, research CoL ASAP and spam cities — this is the most efficient path to victory.

Check out some strategies on YouTube, too. Joe Leonard has a lot of really good videos on how to improve. Here’s a standard speed run - you want to be as aggressive as possible.
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