Easy to learn, moderatly hard to master?


Aug 22, 2007
The game is dumbed down to oblivion. I know all you fanboys with your fanatic fanboyism wont agree with me but there is nothing difficult about this game anymore. There is time to see through the "omg omg omg omg Civ5!!!!!11" and see what the game really is.

Being a loyal Civ gamer since the dawn of Civ2 I have to give my honest review of #5. Although there are positive changes (like hexagon and 1 unit/tile) the game is now designed for 13 year olds that has never played a strategy game. Whatever happen to the ultimate gaming principle; easy to learn - impossible to master?. Thats how you get new players and also keep the old players playing.

I preordered the collectors edition, I dont regret it as I feel I have much to thank Sid and Co. for. But I dont think I will play it that much, sadly. I dont feel the "just...one...more....turn" that is classic for the Civ-franchise anymore.
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