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Feb 9, 2006
I already posted this in the technical support section, but got no replies there. Maybe I have some more luck here in the c&c section.

Does anyone know how to edit Hall of Fame to unlock certain badges? i have found the SQLite file, but dunno what to edit there. The reason is I completed the prior challenge, got the badge and at some point all stats have been deleted miraculously while playing the game. Before I started a new game all stats have been there and after completing the game there was only record for this game and all other records have been deleted and all other badges been removed. Now I can't replay the prior challenge to get that one off badge. Really lousy programming.
The upload is just for the purpose to show steam users that savegames cannot be used anymore.


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Here's a guide to at least display the badge after a data loss:

This guide is for those who suffered ominous data losses after a challenge expiration, completed a challenge and want the Hall of Fame badge being displayed again.

This happened to me while I was playing the game. During play the Hall of Fame and all the stats got deleted somehow. Shame on lousy Firaxis programming. This is a huge pain for every completionist as you cannot regain the badge after expiration in a normal way. With this you can at least display the badge again in your Hall of Fame.

First of all, you need the third-party app SQLiteStudio. It’s free and can easily be found via Google search. Once you installed the app, open it and add the Hall of Fame database. The Hall of Fame database is to be found in the following folder:
C:\Users\(your name)\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\HallofFame.sqlite


Once loaded select ChallengeGames on the left side and then select Data on the right side. Then you have to add a new row and insert the challenge and game ID there. The exact challenge ID is to be found in the following folder:
C:/users/(your name)/AppData/Local/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Challenges/RootPackage.zip/CurrentPackage.zip/HallofFame
To identify which is the exact challenge, you can look up the images folder within each ChallengeID folder where an image of the challenge badge is to be found.


For the game ID I recommend you create and win a random game with the exact leader from the challenge which will be the latest game ID in the database. If you pick just a random game ID, the in-game Hall of Fame will tell you won the game as the leader from the randomly picked game ID, example given “won as Trajan”, which would be just wrong if you want Perikles for the Age of Abundance badge the game ID is to be found in the Games table from the left side.

With all that done you will unlock the challenge badge in the in-game Hall of Fame. Somehow the leader head will still be greyed out. We haven’t found a way yet to unlock the leader head. Maybe someone else knows a solution for this. The guide will be updated as soon a fix will be found.

Credits and much appreciation goes to BurgerTime who found and altered the SQLite entries and gave permission to incorporate her splendid wisdom.

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