Elder Scrolls Skywind and Skyblivion fan projects


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Sep 24, 2016
Anyone else here been following these truly amazing projects over the last near decade? Somehow they just keep on going and get better and better... but you get the feeling by the time they finish there will already be another Elder Scrolls out lol, if they finish!

In fact didn't that happen with the Morrowind mod for Oblivion? (think it was called Morroblivion) By the time the thing was reasonably playable/complete everyone was already off playing Skyrim and they started the Skywind project lol.

I noticed that Skyblivion was covered on gamespot recently which was cool. Sad that the main guy behind it got death threats though. People heavily invested in your fan project is great, complete psychos heavily invested in your fan project not so much lol.

After watching that I checked to see the latest trailers for both projects to see if anything cool had been released in 2020 (I hadn't looked for at least a year or so) and they did not disappoint!



Sort of been following this. And by sort of i mean i was quite keen about 5 years ago but that interest has waned since. It might be good if they ever do finish it. The only Mod i can think of in a similar scale and scope that actually ended up releasing is Black Mesa. And that took over a decade.

I also think Bethesda has a sort of pathological denial about a new Elder Scrolls. And i dont really know why. They release (very average) Fallout games all the time. And i dont really understand why they emphatically deny they are working on a new Elder Scrolls every time they are asked about it.
sadly they've shown absolutely nothing else since and are staying very quiet.

Bethesda did say in a (relatively recent) interview that one of the consequences of the Microsoft partnership was a total overhaul of their game engine, huge changes to it for Starfield and TES6. Any sort of major engine updates are going to require a lot of quiet work on the back end making sure all the old code and assets play nice in the new sandbox.

That could explain why they haven't had a lot of new stuff to show about the game yet, if they spent the past year building the tools to build the tools to build the game.
I figured it was time to check in on Skyblivion and Skywind again. TES6 is not all thaaaaaat far away now so these incredibly long lasting mod projects are probably starting to feel that pressure of Skyrim no longer being the latest TES game anymore (much like the Morrowblivion guys felt when Skyrim came out) so the Skyblivion guys have made a bold announcement trailer saying that they will finish and release in 2 years time in 2025! The Skywind guys have not made any similar statements but their work continues and they recently put out a gorgeous super nostalgic memories of Morrowind video showing each region and how its been remade.


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