Empire of the Sea (Vikings/Norse development thread)

Yeah, I personally feel the Civ name should be Scandinavians (to include Gustavus Adolphus and the later Swedes) or Norsemen (for the so-called Viking period). Viking Raiders strikes me as a good name for their Unique Ability, however.
VeBear says he will call them The Norse, which indeed makes more sense.

(20 minutes for me to wait until Civ5 unlocks! :crazyeye:)
Ooh cool. I'll give some commentary there and show pride in my 1/8 Swedish heritage and homeland in North America being founded by the Swedes.

I agree on the Norse, for a name by the way (make sure it's Norse and not Norwegians, of course ;) ). One thing important to keep in mind is How the Civ is supposed to play. I suggested the amphibious ability combined with the Longboat as a way to keep them raider oriented. I know it seems a nice idea to broaden the scope of their historical representation, but it's not good if it dilutes them into being a Civ that does a bunch of things but just generically.
I like the look of the ideas so far, and think we are getting closer to the start of development here. So Berserker is stronger than the normal unit and the competition now stands between Kaupang UB and Longboat UU, which both would resemble part of the norse legacy (kaupang = trade, longboat = exploration). What is your thoughts?
I still feel Longboat has better synergy (and I'm usually someone who would oppose it since it's not really quite a merchant craft).

BTW, wikipedia says Kaupang was just the name of a city.
I still feel Longboat has better synergy (and I'm usually someone who would oppose it since it's not really quite a merchant craft).

BTW, wikipedia says Kaupang was just the name of a city.

Actually Kaupang is old norse for Market. Wikipedia does not know everything you know, though this quote from the Veøy page on Wiki says:
Wikipedia: Veøy: History: Paragraph 2 said:
At this junction Veøy was established as a kaupang (old Norse for a market town), and Romsdal’s economic, administrative and religious center.

See here
Fair enough. I wasn't saying anyone was wrong, just expressing my confusion.

Vadus, you want to give them a free Colossus?
That colussus ability might be a bit too much...
I think the Longboat: Trireme with +1, or maybe +2, is a good idea, along with Berserker. An interesting UA might be something like infantry units and civilians can walk across a one hex strait of water. That way, their naval attributes would be emphasized, and they might, just might, be able to settle in Denmark.
Provided the capital is on the ocean?
What about a UU that can explore enemy territory without OB agreement. Or they are undetected/invisible to other civs when they do explore.

Another UU idea. Húscarls are the elite guard of King Cnut (and later King Harold II) were armed with two-handed axes which could split shields or metal helmets with ease. Kind of sounds like the berserker from Civ 4 but i'm not really sure.

On the same page they talk about the longship. Maybe that could be a second UU that could travel over ocean. WHich would expand on the idea about their exploration speciality.

UB idea - Runestone which replaces monument but no idea what to do with it.

Just some ideas after 5 minutes of reading.

How heavy do you think a huscarl's axe was? just wondering
The Norsmen was a Mount&Blade clan, that had a dispute with another clan called Einherjar - who uses that Raven as their banner. So yeah, this was funny only to me :p

On topic: will be watching this space, since they took my Vikings out of the game, damnnit!
I'd suggest something like:

UA: Viking Raiders - Double gold from pillaging; Pillaging does not cost a movement point (but can only be used once per turn).

UU: Berserker - Replaces swordsman (no iron reqt); Always fights at full strength, but takes an extra 20% damage.

UB: something trade related.
See, I feel you need to represent seafaring in there somewhere. It's why I suggested giving all their units amphibious. If you make it so embarking and disembarking don't end all movement, it'll truly represent how Christaindom felt when they saw Viking Longships on the horizon. They could appear, murder, and leave before the slow Carolingian armies could show up.
How about the Norse don't lose movement when Embarking/Diseembarking and Fight at full strength while Embarked?

For a UB I would go with a Unique Lighthouse that gives +1 Food and +1 Production from Water Tiles.
I would rather see their unique ability enable their units to embark from the beginning of the game. Then would have those "embarked" units as longboats which can attack and defend like triremes. This would give them a very powerful exploration bonus as well as naval advantage because their warriors could double as a trireme navy. (of course if balance becomes too much an issue, give less strength than triremes).
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