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  • Don't get me wrong, I don't want to rush you or anything.
    It's just I'm very eager to use some of your work.
    But when will you finish the Bamboo Runcing?
    I want to include it in my 2nd UU modcomp for DoC, which is almost ready to launch.
    It would be great if I can use your unit for it. (with you permission ofcourse)

    It's just I can't wait for your work to be finished. ;)
    Ah well I'd be very happy to do said conversion. As it stands right now though I'm just a TAD out of date with my CiV updates. (I've yet to buy the new xp nor the rest of the released dlc) But hopefully that shouldn't be a problem with the conversion.
    Gah! My goodness I'm very sorry but I almost entirely forgot about your request (and the fact that I had CiV installed in general).Though, If you are still interested in me making those map conversions I shall be happy to do so.
    Thanks for participating then! I hope that in a short time we'll have enough name to protest! :)
    Why thank you! And sure thing I'll be happy to do it. I have been meaning to get back into civV too. Although I have ZERO clue how to upload to the database unfortunately. But yea I'll be happy to get to work on that for you man! :D
    Seems they have again a problem with google and/or false positive detection of malware and/or problems with illegitimate uploaders. The same problem has happened recently multiple times, but is AFAIK always only temporary.
    Here's a tip in Civ Leaders Elimination- Only upvote the leaders who are at even numbers. It takes 1 vote longer to kill them after that ;)
    Thank you for the nice comments, but I would rather be happier, if you would add an A+ as well. I figured out, that there is somebody who REALLY HATES ME, rate down all my leaders to F. It is an F now, as well.
    I couldn't rename my username, but the name displayed to other members i could.
    I think it's ok with VeTheBear to ;)
    - Nitram15:
    - Thanks! Don't you want to be renamed to "veBear"?
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