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[SCENARIO] Equalising Earth 18 Civs. (124x68)


Feb 12, 2007
The title is self explanatory.

I have played nearly every attempt at creating an Earth scenario for Civ4 BTS. There are some very enjoyable and imaginative contributions. I would always go back to the original 18 Civs scenario, because I liked how the game would develop organically, as opposed to scenarios that tried to recreate history and have World Wonders in the places they exist IRL("in real life").

The Earth 2010 Mod/scenario is one of the best, but it leads to predictable outcomes because of so many weak smaller nations.
The original Earth 18 Civs also had some predictable outcomes:
  • Catherine nearly always dominates.
  • Montezuma is just a nuisance, especially if you're America.
  • Europe is a mess, too many teams packed in to a small place and the Romans make it too easy for proficient players to dominate.
  • The minor East Asian teams don't get much of a look in.
  • Australia, Africa and South America are vacant for most of the game.
  • Germany never get the Panzers rolling across Europe. Such a good unit.

There are many more "flaws" or imperfections due to the selection of teams, leaders and starting places, so I began to meddle with things.

One of the reasons for me doing this, was because, lilke many other players, wanted "the ultimate game".

The "Ultimate Game" for me is not winning within 100 turns at pro-levels. I only play Conquest victories, and I like very long games with no turn limit, when all the teams are utilising modern techs and units. Stacks of Tanks and Gunships etc get very big at Marathon speed, big world wars etc.. For me, that is how I like to play Civ4.

So I created my version of Earth 18 Civs, and I tried many variations of team, leader, starting place. I probably spent over 6 months doing this, and played over 3000s turns, probably more, in order to find a balanced and enjoyable formula.

Here is what I changed:
  • Monte moved to Australia, and given the Arabian team.
  • Huayna Capac moved to South Africa, Dutch team.
  • Zara Yaqob in South America(approx Buenos Aries starting position), Portuguese team.
  • Suleiman in North America, American team.
  • Elizabeth in England.
  • Napoleon, France, usual start.
  • No Romans, not replaced.
  • Spanish moved to Morocco/North Africa area, replaced Isabel with Shaka.
  • Germany remain, leader Julius Caesar.
  • Russia remain, Catherine.
  • China remain, Alexander
  • South Korea, Mehmed, replaces Cambodia
  • Japan remain, Ragnar
  • Cyrus, Iran/Afghanistan area, Ethiopia
  • Hannibal, Ottoman, 87,40.
  • Kublai replaces Genghis, Mongolian, slight location change.
  • Chruchill, Native American, Mansa's area.
  • Victoria, Viking, Norway/Finland area.

So there are 17 Civs, 18 allowed. Later on in the game new Vassals can be created from colonies.
No City Razing.
City can flip from culture.
No Tech brokering.
Default is: Marathon speed, Noble level.

Have a try of it, and let me know if you can think of improvements, give a good reason, ideally with some evidence(save file).

I will upload some of my save files to give people an idea of how the scenario pans out.


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